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Old city of Jerusalem

Netanyahu doesn’t want a one- or two-state solution for Palestine.

According to the statements of Hamid Golpira, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and several other Israeli officials are neither interested in a two-state solution nor a one-state solution for Palestine. The senior editor, reporter and columnist at the Tehran Times, Hamid Golpira, said in a recent interview with Press TV that these members of the Israeli regime want likely to have a no-state solution for Palestine instead of any other “state solution” for the Palestinians.

The political analyst Hamid Golpira made this statements in regards to the International Quds Day, which is annually taking place at the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan since years. The International Quds Day shall demonstrate the support for Palestine and the Palestinian resistance against the illegal occupation of their country and the committed crimes by the Israel regime. Many demonstrations have again taken place at the International Quds Day in several countries this year.

Hamid Golpira, the senior editor and columnist of the Tehran Times, said further in his interview with Press TV that a two-state solution for Palestine, in case if it could be implemented and happen in a suitable and proper way, could even be an initial acceptable solution for the Palestinian people who are interested in a one-state solution for Palestine in the future. Such a two-state solution, if it happens in a proper way, so the political analyst Golpira, would be one step towards a one-state solution for Palestine.

The analyst of the Tehran Times added further to his statements in regards of the International Quds Day, that some of the Israeli officials such as the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are neither interested in a one-state solution nor in a two-state solution for Palestine. Such Israeli Ministers as Netanyahu are rather interested in a solution that is more like a no-state solution for Palestine. This means, according to Mr Golpira, that these Israeli officials want no state for Palestine or at least no viable state for the Palestinian people.

The political analyst at the Tehran Times further said in this interview with Press TV for this year’s International Quds (Jerusalem) Day, that if the Israeli regimes “wants to say that this piece is separated and that piece is separated; certain sovereignty does not exist” then there is no possibility that a “certain sovereignty does exist” for Palestine and the state “cannot have an army.”

East Jerusalem (al-Quds) does not belong there and thus, one can say that is more likely to be a no-state solution for Palestine and a thing, which is completely not acceptable in every way by every Palestinian guy and every supporter of the Palestinians. Such an proposal of a no-state solution for Palestine that is circulating in the heads of persons like the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is neither a solution nor acceptable. The columnist at the Tehran Times, Golpira, further stated that the things would not look “so great currently” but it might happen that “East Jerusalem (al-Quds) will be the capital of Palestine.”

Old city of Jerusalem
Old city of Jerusalem

He further added that maybe in a soon future, all of Jerusalem (al-Quds will be one capital of an united Palestine within a one state-solution and this would be what some people are working for in order “to have a one-state solution through referendum of all the people, including the diaspora of Palestinians if they are allowed to return.” In such a case, the Palestinians would be in the majority but this would also be a case in which the Israeli regime is certainly not interested to let it become reality. According to Mr Golpira, such a case could probably not happen really soon but, at least, it could happen in a fairly soon future – one day. In regards to this year’s International Quds Day, he further stated that there will be justice for Palestine in the future and if it won`t happen in a near future, it will at least happen in future.

The political analyst and columnist of the Tehran Times, Mr Golpira, finally suggested in his interview with Press TV in regards to the International Quds Day and the so-called “Palestine issue” that there should be an international campaign.

This international campaign for Palestine should display that the Israeli administration is an apartheid regime just like South Africa was an apartheid regime. In addition, among such an international campaign for Palestine should be disinvestments, boycotts and sanctions against the apartheid regime of Israel – just like it has taken place in former times against the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Finally, it seems that the columnist at the Tehran Times seems to share the recent statements by the Iranian envoy to Syria as well as to support the statements by Ahmadinejad about the new round of negotiations between the Israeli regime and the Palestinian Authority. Both the Iranian envoy to Damascus as well as the former President of Iran, Mr Ahmadinejad, said that the new round of negotiations are doomed to fail and Ahmadinejad further stated in regards to the International Quds Day that the “Palestine issue” cannot be solved through talks.

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  1. Arklight

    I remember wondering why Israel didn’t annex West Bank and Gaza at the time, and Sinai to the north bank of the canal. I know that nobody wants to hear it, but all of that was won by right of sword in a defensive war, along with Golan. Personally. I think that different States making demands for the return of land that their daddies and granddaddies lost in battle is coming it pretty high, but since Israel did NOT annex either West Bank or Gaza, Israel has absolutely no business building Israeli settlements on the land which the stateless Arabs need for food production, light industry, and other such pursuits so that they can provide livings for their families. The Israeli settlements are wrong, in my opinion. Since Israel did not annex any of that, they have no legitimate complaint that the ‘Palestinian’ want some sort of State, although Hamas insists upon peeing the soup for everybody else. I’ve no idea at all why the Gazans allowed Hamas into office, other than high sounding snake oil and pie crust (“Promises, like pie crust, are easily broken”). Now that Morsi is gone, and the Egyptian military has its collective head on straight, they are breaking the Gaza tunnels; had Hamas confined the tunnels to the transportation of food and medical supplies, I suspect the tunnels would still be in operation, BUT Hamas used the tunnels for bringing in weapons with which to kill more Israelis. If Hamas could grow a couple of functioning brain cells and decide to love their families more than they hate the Israelis, I think life would improve a whole lot in Gaza. I also suspect that the West Bankers can thank Hamas for the judification of West Bank, but that’s just a thought.


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