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Nobel Laureate After Visit to Syria: “A Proxy War, By Outside Forces and The World Must Stand Up Against It” Vichy Urinalists Have Misplaced Their Keyboards

Nobel peace laureate Mairead Maguire

by Miri Wood, R.N.,c.

Yesterday, 9 July, an interview with Mairead Corrigan Maguire, was uploaded to YouTube, by “We Are Change,” a “nonpartisan, independent media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to expose corruption worldwide,” about her trip to Syria and Lebanon, May 1-11, 2013. [1]

In 1976, Maguire shared the Nobel Prize with Betty Williams, for her work towards peace in Northern Ireland. She was 32, and at the time, the youngest person to have been awarded that prize.

The media should have been tripping over each other, to get her first hand reports. Instead, they were mute, as were the well-known “alternatives” that seem to have become embedded since 2008. “Global Research” appears to have been the only journal to have published her statement on the fact finding trip. [2]

Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire
Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire

Maguire led a 16 person, from 8 countries, delegation, invited by Mussalaha, and the Syrian Patriarch, spending 10 days in Lebanon and Syria, speaking with refugees, visiting hospitals, meeting with Syrian politicians, former opposition members, and Muslim and Christian clerics.

In her written statement and videoed interview, Maguire reports “the war in Syria is not as depicted, a civil war, but a proxy war with serious breaches of International Laws.” She includes, among those in her list of [Wahhabi Sex Jihadists] “well armed foreign fighters,” Libyans, Saudis, Tunisians, Chechens, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Emirates, Lebanese, Jordanian, Turkish, Australians, and Europeans.

Maguire reports, from several refugee camps, that the Syrian refugees have been “exploited, “including sexually” (and also that Turkey is not letting Syrians leave these camps).

In refugee camps in Lebanon, she heard the same stories, over and over. She was told, for instance, that Homs — which vichy urinalistic mouthpieces of NATO and the State Department claim was the scene of government attacks upon the people — had been invaded by foreign rapists and murderers (especially of “young males”), and arsonists who set their homes ablaze. “The attach suicide vests around peoples’ bodies and threaten to explode them if they don’t do what they’re told.” “Before this conflict started, we were happy and had a good life, and now we live in poverty.” She was told, for instance, that original demonstrations in Homs, were hijacked, when Syrian soldiers were killed. She was told, for instance, that the “Doha Coalition in Qatar [the one that President Obama dictates is — along with the beheaders of the Free From Syrians Army — “the sole, legitimate representative of the Syrian people.”] does not represent them.”

Considering that Maguire’s reports are congruent with reports from actual Syrians, and that those who have been reading for the past year would have know these horror stories, and antithetical to the War Criminals ‘R’ US goebbelsian lies, it comes as no shock that Maguire has been shunned (after viewing the video interview, a Syrian friend wrote me: “I guess this made you so relieved that you were right all along about the entire situation in Syria.”).

In addition to meeting with members of Syria’s Parliament, with Syria’s Grand Mufti, Dr Ahmad al Din Hassoun (whose son, Saria Hassoun, was ambushed and murdered by our friends, the savages, on 1 October 2011, on the Idlib-Aleppo Highway), the Patriarch John X Yazigi (whose brother is one of two archbishops kidnapped in April, by our friends, the savages), Maguire et al met with former internal armed opposition members “who accepted the governments [sic] offer of amnesty,” and who said that “foreign jihadists want to take over Syria, not save it,” Maguire’s Peacemakers visited hospitals.

In them, they spoke with victims of shootings, bombings, and armed attacks, one of whom is an imam, whose sole crime was to condemn the use of violence. This Muslim cleric was kidnapped, tortured for several days, torture which included having an ear hacked off, and whose throat was slit, and who was left for dead.

To hear such riveting accounts by an “outsider,” and a Nobel Laureate “outsider,” at that, is especially poignant at this time, the beginning of Ramadam, which is being greeted with the starvation of Aleppoans, by our barbarian proxy warriors, which even the pustulant [3] Reuters is forced to mention, in its whitewashed Starvation Guide to Aleppo. [4]

Mairead Corrigan Maguire says that U.S. President Barack Obama is “doing completely the wrong thing. They’re arming terrorists…[i]t will destabilize the entire Middle East.” She reminds him that NATO data reports that 70% of Syrians support their president, their President Bashar al Assad [5]. She appeals to him, asking, “would he like it if someone decided to come over to America and take over his country and take over his leadership?

Blessed be the peace makers.


[2], though another delegate offered his report via an online site: Mussalaha International Peace Delegation to Syria.

[3] induces pustule formation



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  1. Arklight

    we are change and global research are, so far as I’ve seen over the years, reliable and objective reporters of news. I’d expect to hear more from both on the guerilla war on civilized people everywhere, and look forward to their contributions to Syria News.


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