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Iran launches its own national email service for all citizens

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The Iranian administration has followed through its plans to launch an own national email service for all Iranian citizens and this new national email service shall soon become the main tool for the communication between the Iranian administration and ministries with the citizens of Iran.

Iran has finally implemented its plans to start an own national email service so that the Iranian citizens can communicate with the Iranian ministries and government officials in a protected and safe way by using this specific new national mail service in Iran.

Each Iranian citizen has received a new email address already according to reports. The Iranian citizens have to confirm their identity at the local post offices. They need to provide their local post office with their national identification number, their postal code, and their full name, of course. Afterward, they are free to use their new email address for the implemented and safe national email service in Iran.

The Information and Communication Minister of Iran, Mohammad Hasan Nami, said in a statement about the newly implemented national email service in the country, that this will be used for the mutual interaction and communication between the Iranian government and the people of Iran. The Minister for Information and Communication Technology in Iran also confirmed that every Iranian citizen has or will receive a special email address along with their postcodes.

The Iranian Minister further stated in his statement about the new and own national email service in Iran that the government interactions with the citizens of Iran will then take place electronically and that the email service is safe.

Of course, there are some doubts that the plan of the plain electronically communication between the Iranian government and Ministries with the citizens will not materialize across the entire country due to the situation in some parts of Iran. But overall it is an interesting idea and one will see how safe this email service is and if it will have some benefits for the Iranian people.

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