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new unsc resolution syria hypocrisy

United Nations - UN - UnFair

A new United Nations Security Council (UNSC) binding resolution has been unanimously issued for the first time since the crisis in Syria began 2.5 years ago. The victors of WWII are excited, even communist China was appeased.

Yes, the resolution is binding. It is not in favor of the Syrian government, and it has made the western ‘humanitarian’ bastards excited; but no, it is not about human rights, nor about democracy, and the resolution has nothing to do with the suffering of the Syrian people caused by the influx of tens of thousands of Wahhabi Sex Cannibal Jihadists armed trained and funded by the U.S. and its stooges. The resolution does not bind their patrons to stop the manufacture of bads, which again raises suspicions regarding Russian ‘diplomacy’ and their future agenda for Syria.

The resolution only addresses ridding the Syrian state from its deterrent chemical weapons arsenal while ignoring the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons threat possessed by the ever expanding Zionist settling Arab Ghetto creators, also known as Israel.

Resolution 2116 dated September 27th, 2013 can only be described as an ugly face-saving resolution intended to entice the monkeys down from the trees they climbed up so fast, and shift their focus to another country in the region with the intent to return to Syria when the SAA becomes further weakened by the continuous smuggling of terrorists into Syria. Then, they can come back barking about some other fabricated “human rights” issue and unleash their pit bull Israel with all their might behind its plans for future expansion across the Middle East.

Westerners whine the resolution lacks a mechanism for enforcement, but that is their last concern. They have the backing of China and Russia and the approval of the Syrian government which has a long record of abiding by international laws. Syria is perhaps the only country that voluntarily abides among all others, and we can challenge anyone who claims otherwise.

UN Revolution against sovereignty or Resolution?
A UN Revolution against sovereignty of member states or a Resolution?

Guess what? Sudan is facing a ‘spontaneous public uprising’ out of nowhere and they formed their ‘coordination committees’ copying the same tactics they used in other ‘Arab Spring’ infected countries..!

Meanwhile, Syrians can choose their future now. What will it be? Iraq style, Libya style or Somalia style? These are the only options given unto Syria, unless those responsible for the foreign invasion of foreign interests which has created a humanitarian crisis in Syria start paying for their bad deeds without delay.

US Weapon of Mass Terror
US Weapon of Mass Terror

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  1. Blowback Winds

    A Suggestion From A Zionist Of A Reverse Scenario: “If these sex jihadists Ever Do Think of freeing Occupied Palestine (the Main cancerous tumour in the Ummah, my words) & decide to enter ‘our lands’, the authorities would be waiting for them with interesting results- ALL foreigners caught would be First castrated (to neuter their sex jihadists tendencies) and have their 3-Fingers on Each Hand chopped off BEFORE being flown back to their countries (at their government expenses). For the rest of their lives, Everywhere & Everyone they meet would identify their stupidity. Even though it would be a ‘ready market’ for the wahhabi sheikhs to uplift their own spiritual stations by having a regular supply of fresh men, it would Deter anyone from joining these sex jihadists knowing that either death awaits (straight to hell) Or if captured, there would Never be sex again Nor any useful activity apart from serving the wahhabi sheikhs at all times.

  2. Dan

    The truth is: There’s no deterrent against Zionist madness. They could blow the entire world out of existence with their nuclear weapons. On the other hand… They are so tiny that a conventional attack can do as much harm as any nuclear attack! But mark my words: They’ll fall from within.

  3. kingsley smith

    Don’t get all this…..Syria must comply to strict chemical weapons demands…yet nothing is mentioned on the flow of arms to terrorists??? Can anyone explain this lopsided arrangement….Thanks!

    • Arklight

      KS, only a politician has the sort of evil and convoluted thought processes which can even pretend to make sense of this Chinese fire drill. No healthy intellect would have any part of it, normal people recoil at what’s going on; recall, if you will, the hand painted posters of the ’60s: ‘Killing for peace is like raping for chastity’. The politicians thought that killing for peace was a wonderful idea. Let’s say that politicians, clerics with bats in their belfries and other forms of insectoid life have, instead of ‘Y’ chromosomes, ‘Y-not’ chromosomes which fatally flaw their thought processes; this means that they can rationalize, or justify, almost any form of evil and come up with a, to them, plausible excuse. Thus, a stable, secular and prosperous country can be beset with murderous creatures who are also cursed with the ‘Y-not’ chromosome, but do not have the quality of intellect for successful political careers.
      Just a thought.

  4. Bobby

    The worse diplomatic and strategic mistake of all times being committed by a state is what Syria has resorted to.
    Syria will be attacked after the disarmament. No doubt about it and no illusion too. “The power is at the point of the Gun” – Mao. Syria is on its own road to slavery thanks to the decision taken to capitulate and get rid of their deterrent chemical weapons! I think Assad must resign. And a stronger man from the military should take over and flex sdyria muscles to the zionists!

    • Arklight

      It’s a given that the US will attack Syria once the chemical weapons are gone, but Syria would have been attacked anyway, since the proxy fighters are getting their *sses kicked by SAA. Had Syria not deviated from the Petrodollar, all would have been well with Syria; I see that, once again, the Israeli people are getting lumped in with the Zionists. The Israelis don’t have any more Zionist intentions than do Americans the same goals as the US Government. Zionists run both Israel and the US, the Israeli people and the Americans do not. Mao, too, was an evil creature who, like the Zionists in Israel, was supported by the US government; Mao killed about 65 million Chinese, but it’s unknown how many people the Zionist government has caused to be murdered. Anyway, please do not confuse the population of normal people with the creatures of Satan who are currently in control of both Israel and the US.

  5. ali

    u s will attack syria at all , the dur time the rise of usa has reached one century, just time is up for its shattering which is narural. All its progres to injustices and cruelties ate final, so this time for it is also final, it will attack at all it will attack at all, as to shatter. Aimy

  6. Bill Carson

    I really like Ziad over at Syrian Perspective, but I really don’t think he understands what is going on with this situation. I never trusted the Russians or the Chinese. I have always felt that this is nothing more than a good cop, bad cop scenario. In this particular case, the Chinese and the Russians are nothing more than controlled opposition. There is no pot f gold at the end of the rainbow and the cavalry is not coming to the rescue and Putin is not some knight in shining armor coming into rescue the poor world from itself. What is happening in Syria will happen in Europe , and the United States soon enough. Syria must be destroyed and so she shall be. I wish I could be more positive about all of this, but I just can’t. Arab peoples have always been practice dummies and if anyone notices they always get just enough stuff to be kind of dangerous but never enough stuff to actually win. It as designed like that. For you see without the schtick of the poor Israelis surrounded by Arab enemies on all sides, then Israel would lose a major cog in its propaganda belt. The jewish state cannot survive without war. Peace would destroy it.

  7. kingsley smith

    Bill Carson…I’m convinced Russia/Putin is a new Russia…not the old soviets……I think they would stand tall- push comes to shove….so far this has played out. Remember…the banking cabal would love to infiltrate and break-up Russia into statelets.As always…I take every oportunity to praise the Syrian Army….

    • Bill Carson

      Mr Smith, this pie in the sky wishful thinking has really got to stop. You really don’t know how the world works do you? To be a leader of a country , you are chosen , not elected. Putin was chosen. Why after all this time , is he still in power? Is there anyone else in Russia capable of running that country? Who was it that started communism in Russia? A bunch of Protestants wearing white shoes? When Russia “changed ” in 1992, where did all of these communists go? Did they just disappear never to be heard from again? Or did they change their spots, like a chameleon lizard? Nothing much has changed in Russia. Today they have state capitalism which is very similar to communism. The average Russian is not getting anything out of any of this. For them, there is no need to worry about Syria anymore than there is for Americans. Yet there the Russian ships are in the Mediterranean , with their Russian conscripts on them, doing what Putin wants them to do, whatever that is. Putin does not impress me and I have no doubts about this man or who he really is. His apparent close ties to Chabad Lubavich is troubling to say the least. Frankly myself, I think he is jewish. The trouble is though in many respects he is like Obama. Nobody can find out much about his past and believe many Russians have risked trying. Mr Putin has many dead bodies following him around , and many of them are people who disagreed with him who found themselves dying for that. A man who willfully kills his opponents in order to silence them, is a man who cannot be trusted . Period. So, sorry but I am not on the Putin bandwagon. and never will be either.

      • kingsley smith

        Wishful thinking on my part(on Putin)…I’ll give you that. What about Bashar Assad? I have been following this since Mar 2011…and have been impressed with him….his interviews are very informative and matter of fact. Let’s just hope and pray Syria remains a sovereign nation.

  8. Wojtek

    Not to worry. Syria will be victorious and Assad will be known as the liberator of Palestine.
    If Syria didn’t fall by now, it’s a sign God is protecting Assad.
    Russia is not necessary. USA and allies don’t care about the UN SC anyway, so Russian veto doesn’t stop the war. Whether Russia vetoes or not, they will start a war. And they will lose their Empire.

  9. ryan

    if israel tryed to move its nukes to launch locations i have faith some of my palistinian brothers would manage to set atleast 1 or 2 off prematurely, isreal is the result of leting highly traumatised ppl(holocaust survivors) setup a goverment with no outside controles and littlein the way of counceling ect, so they are playing out hittlers germny with them as the aerians all cause USA didnt want to resetle them in there own country because they were almost as anti semetic as the nazis lol, many still are btw nd there pushing therre populace hard there atm, they just executed a woman with a 1 yr old baby in backseat after chsing her car down cause it went thru the wrong checkpoint and didnt stop when they brndished guns at her i wouldt be suprised if israel didnt get the support it expects off usa, they controle the congress thru money but ALOT of americans are curently calling for congress to be sacked, if you guys cn hod out enuther 6 months USA may well cese to be a supper power by then, chinas turning its usa debt bonds into gold, theres enuther “global financial cisis” brewing and its aleadys 30% larger then last 1 and hasnt burst yet and despite thm destabilising midle east more nd more countrys are trading oil in gold not us$. once USA isnt the “global currency” it will no be able to borrow nd be many trillions of dolars in debt, it wont be able to pay its army and unpaid soldiers start looting. just hang in there there playing there last cards atm. i feel so strange saying this im always calling for revolution, but whats happening in syria wount be a revolution it will be a devolution if they win i hope you guys do hold out i realy do. im sorry theres little i can offer you apart from moral support . im unimployed single dad with a 2 yr old i can offer neither money nore a strong arm but my heart is with you and i hope you guys do liberate palistne all my adult life ive hoped they would be free of the hell the west has inflicted on them via there dumping of jews there after ww2 rather then doing anythign ourselfs about finding them a place and just dumped a bunch of masivly delusional ppl into a area they hadnt lived for centurys in most cases nd told them do what you want well support you :s. but first and formost i hope you mainain sovernty, secondly if you could fullfill 1 of my longest eld wishes, freedom for paistine i may even start beleiving there is a god

  10. ryan

    but dont be so sure USA will atack fter wepons are gone russia has quite afew ships parked around abouts and despite americas bravo they know there not the world super power anymore, china is and they know if they send there troups into a ground engagement with a functioning army it wont be the same as iraq or afganistan, curent us tactic or tank colums has a fatal flaw they have to send the suply trucks ahead of the tanks if they are to maintain speed, they need refuling like every 50kms from what ive seen of your country that would leave them horily vunerable, so they would have to do it diferntly, it would be slower blodyer and despite all there bravo average american soldier is fighting for nothing more then a paycheck there usualy the poorest with bad educations and no other choice then join the army for paycheck, every time we do wargames with them we kick there ass nd our equiptments 20yrs older then theres but ther e soldiers are grunts nd when grunts strt geting frid they dig holes nd wont come out till they think its safe, they re going to try to win this 1 via proxy like back in the cold war days hold firm dont become parinoid and turn on populace and you will probly be beter off in 10 yrs then america, once u cant pay a army it becomes a liability and the day oil stops being traed in US$ is the day they wont be able to pay the armys paycheck, that day may ccome within 6 months the swiss are predicting enuter GFC atleast 30% larger then the first china is turning its US$ debt into gold japan i think is doing same , just hold out a bit longer an turky for eg will colapse its on the toplist of countrys to defult when next crisis hits they have borrowed insane amounts to build all those shoping centers ect thats why hes going all authoritarin he knows his economy is about to crap itself. i hope you guys mke it , its been horible watchign 1 ancient nation after enutehr put to the tourch to buy a yr or 2 here or there of US dominance. luckly the fools kept building debt so ther will be a reconing , unfortunatley only for the ppl not the ones with money they will move to whatever country is there new haven and be welcomed with open arms:( well those that dont get killed by there ex “subjects” befor ethey escape


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