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Israel Bombing SAA Depot near Aleppo Used a US-Sanctioned Air Route

Israel bomb site in Syria - Archive

A new Israeli bombing at 22:32 local time targeted the Syrian Arab Army’s weapons depots and research center in the SAA’s military complex in Sfeirah (Al-Safirah) region, Aleppo’s eastern countryside.

Material damage is reported in the targeted depots, the authorities are assessing the situation on the ground and in contact with the Russian military center to discuss this breach.

The SAA air defense managed to shoot down three incoming missiles but were taken by surprise as the Israeli bomber jets that used a Russian-approved US-sanctioned air route to be strictly used by the US-led coalition to target ISIS.

It’s not the first time Israel uses such routes to target the SAA and its allies in the country, and in Iraq, mainly to aid defeated ISIS and other Al-Qaeda direvatives. This will definately endanger US fighter jets from now on and will cause tensions with the mad Trump war regime.

Israel often targets SAA military posts and warehouses where and when there’s a danger to its al-Qaeda allies, Israeli officials always lie about their crimes claiming they target Hezb Allah and Iranian targets without producing any evidence, they depend on the level of of ‘intelligence’ their and their allies public have to believe repeated proved lies. This makes that public in Israel and in each country of its allies accomplices in its war crimes, acting dumb doesn’t save the criminals.

Whatever the claims are it remains that the Iranian and Hezb Allah, the Russians and all the factions aiding the Syrian armed forces in their fight against terrorists are in the country based on an official invitation by the Syrian state unlike the presence of Trump forces, US-coalition forces of NATO, Israel and al-Qaeda terrorists who are carrying out their acts of war and crimes without any invitation from the Syrian authorities, furthermore, the Syrian government calls them invaders, infiltrators, and mercenary terrorists thus breaching international law. This makes whoever aides them, support them, facilitate their actions within Syria, even cover their news with any sort of sympathy as accomplices in each of their crimes, legally and morally.

It’s obvious of the recent escalation that the US and members of its axis of evil are desperate to start a war, any war, to try to regain some of the territories their terrorist proxies lost despite the massive support they were given, and at the same time divert their public opinion of their piled up failure after another in handling the pandemic, to the dropping revenues from their inflated economies, to the corruption and scandals tainting all their politicians at all levels. Syria and its camp are trying their best to avoid such clash that serves nobody other than really sinister evil beings but are ready to engage and deliver unimaginable losses to the US-led axis of evil if they make any strategic mistake.

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  1. Campos

    Why do you repeat that the target was a “SAA’s arms depot“ when it’s already known the sattelite pictures Israhell showed refer to a olive oil factory?


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