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militants lose dozens of its fighters in damascus

Units of Syrian Army hit an armed group that has blocked the road between al-Darkhabieh and Zakieh towns of Damascus countryside causing number of deaths between their rows, including Muhammad Hasan Khaled and Kamal Hasan Hasan.

Units of Syrian Arab Army have triggered a series of the operations against the armed rebels in several towns of the Northern towns of Damascus countryside.

The reporter of Breaking News Network points out that “about 55 gunmen have been killed, when Syrian Army has targeted their training camp in al-Shifonie farms. The rebel leaders, who have been killed during this operation are Mamoun Alush, Ahmad al-Biodani, Mahmoud Hteti and Tahseen Kabkab.

In the same context, the reporter of Breaking News Network has indicated that “the Syrian Army has enabled of destroying to dens of the armed men in each of Zamalka and Erbeen, what resulted in the death of about 25 insurgents, including Firas al-Muazen, Safouh Khamis, Abu Ayham al-Shami, Mamdoh Hamoush and Ahmad al-Othman”.

The reporter has assured that “Syrian forces have foiled a terrorist blast attempt in Alie farms in the Northern countryside of Damascus, when they have dismantled 9 explosive devices, planted by the armed men near al-Sham al-Jadidah Gas station”.

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