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UN’s Ki Moon Warns Against Military Option to Resolve Crisis in Syria

Mar 01, 2013

 GENEVA, (SANA) – United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned against the repercussions of a military option to resolve the crisis in Syria, saying that such an option will fragment it.

In a press conference in Geneva, Ki-moon said ” I urge all sides in Syria to sit around the dialogue table….the horrors of recent months do not permit any doubt that a military solution will lead to the fragmentation of Syria.”

In a previous press conference, Ki-moon pointed out that he will meet in Switzerland the UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi in the framework of annual meetings between the United Nation Secretary General and the special envoys and representatives who are managing 30 UN peacekeeping or political missions around the world.

He considered that there is a small window of opportunity to move towards a political solution in Syria, referring to the idea of holding a meeting between representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition.

Ki-moon also expressed his fear of the crisis in Syria continuing and the violence spreading to neighboring countries, calling for increasing humanitarian aid to Syria.

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