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Lebanon to Import Gas from Egypt and Electricity from Jordan via Syria

Lebanon ministerial visit to Damascus to seek approval for transmit of gas and electricity via Syria

Lebanon will be importing its needs of gas and electric power from Egypt and Jordan respectively via Syria after a Lebanese top delegate obtained Syria’s approval during their visit to Damascus, the highest Lebanese ministerial delegation to visit Syria in more than 10 years.

The Lebanese delegation was headed by Zeina Akar, acting minister of defense and minister of foreign affairs, and included Minister of Finance Ghazi Wazni and Energy Raymond Ghajar, and Director General of Public Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim.

Both Lebanon and Syria suffer massive shortages in fuel and electricity due to US and EU sanctions on Syria dubbed the Caesar Act, the US instructions to its satellite states not to export gas and gasoline to both countries, and the US occupation of Syria’s main oil and gas fields in northeastern Syria.

Prior to the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against Syria that started in March 2011, Syria was self-sufficient in its petroleum and energy needs and was exporting excesses to Lebanon and other countries providing 24 hours full supply of electricity to the last remote village in Syria and in Lebanon. Now, the people in both countries barely get a couple of hours of electricity per day due to the aforementioned reasons.

Lebanon, spearheaded by a number of corrupt officials working against the interests of their own country, has effectively contributed to the US-led war of terror against Syria to find itself years later a victim of its own evil deeds which harmed millions of Syrians by terrorists smuggled from and through Lebanon into Syria along with massive quantities of weapons and munition.

Syria will be benefiting from the transit deal, if it goes through after addressing the technical issues, financially from transit tariffs or by taking a share from imports to satisfy the country’s needs until the Biden forces occupying Syria’s oil and gas fields finish their task in ‘democratizing’ those fields and go home on the other side of the planet.

This top Lebanese ministerial visit to Syria and asking Syria’s approval to allow the transit of these imports of gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan was at the orders of the US ambassador to Lebanon who instructed the Lebanese President MicMichel Aoun to import the country’s needs of gas and electricity in a cheap and futile attempt to circumvent the solution provided by Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah, the chief of Hezb Allah, who started importing fuel from Iran challenging the US, EU, and Gulfies embargo on his country. The US ambassador who tried to show her country as caring for the Lebanese people during times of crisis has instead exposed her country’s direct responsibility for the economic woes in Lebanon.

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  1. Arfur Mo

    I hope Syria will get some decent transit fees ideally paid in kind rather than Useless Shady Dollars from this. 10%? But who knows. Trade is good for all three countries, as long as the Zionist snout can be kept at bay.


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