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Latest Wahhabi Horror: Booby-Trapped Holy Quran Books

Booby Trapped Quran Iraq

How much Islamic is it to booby trap a copy of the Holy Quran to kill scores of people the Holy Quran prohibits killing?!

So you know that the Wahhabis are Islamists: Western anti-Islam agents.

Wahhabism, founded early 19th century by Great Britain in Arabia: The religion of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and anti-Islam ideology to destroy Islam from within.

Muslim Brotherhood: The regional political parties of the Wahhabism religion working under the Hizbul Tahrir international political body. First mention of it as early as 1902 in Arabia, 1929 in Egypt, 1939 in Palestine…

Al Qaeda: Armed militia working for the Muslim Brotherhood. Founded in Afghanistan by the extremists of the Arab Mujahideen, another CIA creation but not extremist enough.

FSA, Freedom Fighters, Rebels, Nusra Front, Vanguard Fighters..: Regional faction variations of Al Qaeda.

Sheeple: Those stupid thinking otherwise.

Iraqi specialist officer dismantles the ‘bomb’:

Video also now available on BitChute:
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