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Kurdish SDF Terrorists Kidnap Civilians, One of their Commanders Killed

Kurdish SDF terrorists US army helicopter Syria oil

Kurdish SDF terrorist groups kidnapped several young men in the provinces of Deir Ezzor and Hasakah in northern Syria, and reports from Qamishli confirm one of their commanders was killed.

Terrorists from the US-sponsored Kurdish separatist armed groups with the help of US helicopters stormed the villages of Adla, Tal Al Shayer, Abu Hamdhah in Hasakah countryside, and the neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city, the terrorists kidnapped several men from these villages, local sources confirmed.

In the village of Adla near Ash-Shaddadi city in the southern Hasakah countryside Thursday morning, the Kurdish SDF terrorists besieged the village with help of US helicopters and stormed a house where it kidnapped a civilian and took him to the Biden Forces illegal military base in the city of Ash-Shaddadi.

The Kurdish terrorists with the backing of US military helicopters and drones stormed a number of houses in villages of Tal Al-Shayer and Abu Hamdhah to the southeast of Ash-Shaddadi city and a number of villages near the borders with Iraq, the terrorists kidnapped several civilians taking them to unknown places.

In the western neighborhood of Abu Khashab to the north of Deir Ezzor city herds of the Kurdish SDF, terrorists kidnapped several young men and took them to concentration camps for brainwashing and then military training to use them as cannon fodders to protect the Biden Forces of the Oil Thieves Regiment which was created by the former US leader Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, attacks continued against the Kurdish SDF terrorists in the regions they occupy killing and injuring a number of them. The attackers remain unknown.

A commander in the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists was killed and two of his security details were injured when their car was targeted on the Ash-Shaddadi – Deir Ezzor road near the village of Adla. The terrorist commander was identified as Juan Sardar.

In another attack on the road between Tal Hamiss and Jazaa in the southeastern countryside of Qamishli a car carrying a number of Kurdish SDF terrorists was attacked with machine guns by a group of unknown armed men injuring a number of them.

An explosive device was detonated in one of the checkpoints of the Kurdish terrorists in the village of Kishkah in the outskirts of Rmeilan in the countryside of Hasakah, northeastern Syria. The explosion caused material damage to the checkpoint.

Two days earlier, 4 terrorists of the Kurdish SDF group were killed near Raqqa and Deir Ezzor cities, local reports confirmed. The Kurdish terrorists do not report their exact number of casualties and try to hide the attacks against them unless the news is already spread by locals who are fed up with the crimes committed by the US regime and its proxies in Syria.

The Kurdish separatists are seeking to Israelize large areas of Syrian territories with the help of the USA and other NATO member states taking advantage of the US-led war of terror against Syria, in their quest they have agreed to sell stolen Syrian oil, wheat, and grains to the USA and Israel.

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