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Khan Shaykhoun: SAA Bombs a NATO Suicide Bomber

Syrian Arab Army foils a suicide bomber in Khan Shaykhoun

A Syrian Arab Army unit managed to blow up an advancing car towards one of its outposts at the entrance of Khan Shaykhoun city in Idlib southern countryside.

The suicide terrorist was torn to pieces and fried in his VBIED (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device) which also was chewed. He was coming from the village of Sahiyoun and tried to penetrate through the defenses of the SAA on the Damascus – Aleppo Highway.

The terrorist wanted to target the military posts at the northern entrance of the Khan Shaykhoun city which was recently cleaned from NATO terrorists of Nusra Front and its affiliates.

Upon inspecting the vehicle the SAA found identity cards proving the suicide bomber was from the Nusra Front terrorist organization (aka Al-Qaeda Levant), a close ally of the Turkish pariah Erdogan. They found two military-grade rifles with him as well without naming their types.

Khan Shaykhoun is a strategic town overlooking the Damascus – Aleppo main artery and it was cleaned from Nusra Front last August, a couple of months ago along with the towns of Lltamneh, Kfar Zeta, Latmin, Morek, Maarkba, Lahaya in northern Hama countryside in a swift military operation before NATO representatives at the United Nations Security Council flooded the UN HQ building with their crocodile tears and threatened a repeat of the staged chemical attack and retaliate for that.

President Assad visited the SAA soldiers at the forefront with the terrorists earlier late last month (October 22) and told them they’re ready to complete the military operation to clean the province from terror.

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1 Comment

  1. SpetsnazBear

    Always good to read when a demonic anti-Human psychopath is sent to meet their ‘god’ (satan).
    Nice shooting SAA.
    Thoughts and Prayers to the SAA and the good People of Syria as the Idlib Offensive commences.
    One day the blood-lusting demonic US/UK/Fr/UN will depart your country.
    Till then…


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