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Katie Hopkins Calls CNN ‘Clinton News Network’

image-cnn Clinton News Network

Katie Hopkins on the US Elections calls CNN: Clinton News Network, we Syrians call them Terrorists Propagandists, she slams Hala Gorani, the same lady who stupidly supported the infamous lie of ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’ and magnified all other lies against the Syrian State in favor of Nusra Front, ISIS and other terror organizations:

We might not share the views of the TV celebrity and newspaper columnist Hopkins in general, she might be whatever she is, but this was a spot on during the latest US elections and told them in their face, especially to one of the biggest advocates of so called ‘rebels’ in Syria leaving her defensive in her own studio.

Hala Gorani had the chance to visit Syria during the current crisis, meeting and interviewing a number of Syrian officials and going on the streets to witness firsthand the reality of events, yet she insisted to distort the truth and as a western mainstream media faithful employee she was doing what she was told to and that had nothing to do with what was really happening as the rest of the world is discovering.

Gorani can’t be better than her colleague Arwa Damon, who literally worked with a terrorist group in Baba Amro in Homs, Syria, during the early days of the crisis to the extent she assisted in blowing up a gas pipeline feeding the electricity power station responsible of providing much needed electricity power for the whole provinces of Homs, Hama and other Syrian areas during one of the coldest winters ever. Her ‘live’ broadcast of the terrorist operation helped frame the Syrian State for the incident which was exposed by an activist on state TV showing the details of what happened to the Syrian public. Look for CNN Knew about September 11 Attacks 16 Hours Earlier.

Anderson Cooper, another colleague of Gorani at the propaganda machine CNN also very vocal against the Syrian State serving the terrorists and their backers agenda against the people of Syria, his infamous support to the infamous Danny The Liar tells the magnitude of their involvement in attempting to control the public opinion in favor of foreign Interventions to further ‘regime changes’ aka taking over disobeying countries worldwide.

Political Zionism in the United States of America, Astounding Facts!

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