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The Empire is Naked – Germany’s Political Elite Uncovers herself as the Crap it is

The reports on the landslide victory for Donald Trump just flooded the western media and social networks, when the western politicians had to meet the press for giving their statements on the decision of the US-American people. As if any of them was entitled to rant and comment on the free will of an other people..

If you believe that, in some moments, you can see through the fog and facade and realise the true nature of people, this situation came out as one of the rare moments of truth.

“Germany and America are connected by values of democracy, freedom and respect for the law and the dignity of man, independent of origin, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views […] I offer the next President of the United States close cooperation on the basis of these values” German chancellor aka Zionist-Nazi-puppet Angela Merkel, former east-german professional communist propagandist and agent of the secret service, announced. Angela, nowadays a member of an exclusive Jewish-only freemason council and an ultra-Zionist shill, obviously has lost any contact to time and space, claiming that she could give preconditions to the next US-president – based on “values” she urges him to approve.

Well.. shared “values” of massmurdering, genocidal, terrorist-creating and warmongering sociopaths, this is true.

The German FM Steinmeier even dramatically refused to congratulate Mr. Trump, stating that this outcome of the US-presidential elections had not been the wish of the majority of the people in Germany and in the EU.

How he managed to gain proper info about the political views of at least 350 of 500 million citizens of EU-Europe still remains a secret. Apart from the stats, there is some question: This man, Steinmeier, who brought Nazis into power in Ukraine, who funds terrorists in Syria and Iraq, who is backing headchopping monsters as “moderate opposition” against the legitimate government of Syria, is a charactre of absolute disgrace. How can he publically claim to decide what the common people have to think and like? How can he be so rude to decide on behalf of the very same German and European common people that he and his gang of criminals are screwing for the profit of the banksters?

How come this Zionist vassal can publically announce he spits on democracy, and still all the people inhaling the MSM-shit blindly believes him he would care for “democracy” in Syria, when this “democracy” is imposed on the Syrian people against their outspeaken will by war, terror, genocide and destruction?

Yet, the most stunning performance was presented to us by the German war minister, Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen, a first-class psychopath and loving mother of 7 children (none of them she would send to the wars she willingly imposes on foreign nations).

The day after the landslide victory of Donald Trump, she came on TV just to tell the nation that she fell in a state of shock [sic!] when realizing that not her beloved war-criminal Hillary would get into the White House. How dare the Americans to not decide the way smart Ursula wants them to decide! Really: Democracy sucks, somehow.

Can you imagine the disastrous state of mental insanity and psychological instability it needs to be “shocked” about a souvereign people freely deciding their own fate?

Such mentally and emotionally distorted people sit on nukes, trigger wars and kill millions of innocent civilians in cold blood, labelling their genocide as “humantarian”. Truely: we are living in a madhouse – with the maniacs holding the keys…

To put it short: Members of the government of the US-colony “Federal Republic of Germany”, themselves all selected by the cabal, felt competent and authorized to teach the president-elect of a sovereign nation. They rushed in front of the TV-cameras and microphones to give their statements in the truely inappropriate, silly way of highly alerted head teachers who officially discipline a subordinate freshman. Eagerly trying to appear as authoritarian Gods, they unintentionally show themselves as the fearful wimps they really are.

They thought it was necessary that wimps teach a man – in particular teach that man whom they hate and fear. The wimps want the man to not even think about doing things like he wants to do, but, instead, to fully bow to the terroristic NWO-agenda – exactly like the wimps do.

The German mainstream (=bullshit) media massively supported this verbal embarrassment. We have to teach him to prevent him from NOT becoming
the same loony kind of vassal to Wallstreet and NATO we are. We are wimps, same shall he be.

Obviously, to the elites, the president-elect is not only disappointing. The terroristic NWO-elite is in panic-mode for:

  • Donald Trump dared to announce he wants reasonable cooperation with Russia and China rather than conflict and war.
  • Donald Trump repeatedly signalled he does regard keeping up a costly proxy war for regime-change in Syria as least beneficial to the US-American taxpayer and therefore may end financing, arming and supporting Al-Qaeda/ YPG / SDF / Peshmerga / ISIS in Syria (and Iraq).
    Infact, he even stated that the sociopathic US-made Frankensteins the western media love to portray as “moderate rebels” have to quit, and that he aims to cooperate with Russia to defeat ISIS which he sees as threat to the USA.
  • Donald Trump’s core message is “Make America Great Again”, which probably means focussing on domestic issues instead of spreading ‘democracy’ by genocide and the installation of costly US-military bases on foreign soil. And even if he says he will increase the spendings on the military, Trump appears to be willing and able to reinstall the old-fashioned Republican isolationism rather than increasing the numbers of wars the US is simultaneously fighting for oil and ‘full spectrum dominance’. And even if this is now still a hope-based vision rather than a proven fact, the simple possibility of a US-president NOT imposing new wars for the profit of Halliburton, GE or Northrop-Grumman is a sheer nightmare to the cabal.
    – Donald Trump already stated he wants the Europeans to shoulder a greater share of the common financial burden named “NATO”, which indeed is highly unpopular in the European nations, most of them facing the unpleasant consequences of a shrinking economy.
  • Donald Trump speaks out frankly what he thinks without paying any tribute to the NWO-newspeak and political correctness the elite once has implanted to hide the real goals of their bloody agenda and to stop free speech.

That’s unbelievable! That’s inappropriate! That’s “shocking” (Von der Leyen)!

The complete degeneration of the western world has never been more blatant. The empire is naked. The US-presidential election has proven to everyone that the political system is deeply rigged and corrupted, working by deceit and directed by people no-one ever has authorized.

No-one can claim anymore that the west has the right to export “democracy and freedom” by war, forcefully imposing its so-called “values” on other countries and people, when the political system of their own countries is most far away from democracy, but rather being a totalitarian fascist oligarchical tyranny instead.

By electing Donald Trump, the US-American common people did not necessarily vote for ‘the lesser of two evil’. The Trump voters obviously decided to put their trust and hopes on a man who is portrayed (and portraying himself) as a bloody outsider to the establishment.

The system is broken, let us rebels fix it – this is the core message. And the people, it seems, trust a billionaire more than any of the ‘experienced’ politicians of Washington D.C..

These hopes into the rebel were born and raised from a growing despair about the reality of a vast economical breakdown of the once leading nation as well as from the fabricated fear about the threat of ‘Islamic terrorism’ – a phantom which, ironically, had once been made by the USA to create fear and drive the US-Americans to accept all the liberty-grabbing ‘Security Acts’ imposed by the Bush-administration after the faked “9-11” event.

‘Islamic Terrorism’, in reality, is the product of the US own ‘War on Terror’ – which in fact is a war on Islam with a horrible death-toll of at least 4-5 million Muslims (and Christians) killed by the US Army and their pawns. Apart from falling for the mirage of ‘Islamic Terrorism’ threatening the USA, the common man on the streets seems to finally having become tired of the enormous costs of the constant warfare, the exploding public deficit and the degradation of his once ‘indispensable’ nation to a Third- World country, plagued by an imploding domestic economy, mass poverty, rising
costs for healthcare and the costs of living, exploding violence and a complete lack of realistic signs for a better future, run by an utterly arrogant president.

The common people did vote AGAINST the system far more than just FOR Trump. Whether or not Trump is the rebel he claims to be, whether or not he really is willing (and will be able) to turn the tide, does not matter yet: The simple fact that the people did not vote the way the elites wanted them to vote is a hard-core threat to those in power. By voting for Trump, the US-citizens obviously pushed the rigged system to the brink of the abyss.

The outrageously aggressive campaigns against Trump as well as the hysterical reactions of the
servants of the system and their useful idiots on the streets does prove this perfectly. It seems, the US-citizens instinctively have decided for that man who could smash the rotten gang (#drain the swamp). If so, this would be a major victory – not only for the people of the USA, but for the whole world (except the Zionist Nazi entity). If Trump really averts from the path of genocidal wars, if he really manages to impose a system of balanced agreements, then he may be the man, who prevents mankind from the total extermination of a thermonuclear world war.

The critics of Trump in the German political class as well as in the guided mainstream media does prove that those who are behind the curtain do not want change. Their arguments, as brazen and aggressive they appear, just are ridiculous and weak. They can hardly claim to be the world masters of democracy and humanity but bashing the people for taking their democratic rights. By doing so, they fully expose themselves as the hypocrites they are. This blatant hypocrisiy will disgust even more people and, finally, change the tide against the system.

The system is done, although it still manages to dazzle us. They are the kings of deception. Now, just let us send them to retirement.

As a non-US-American, I would not teach the US-citizens whom to vote for. Internal issues of other nations is none of my business. I monitor what happens in the world, regarding to which implications this could trigger for international politics or for my nation.

Apart from that general viewpoint, I personally do prefer to wait and see. If Mr. Trump really is willing to let appropriate deeds follow his speeches, then he will be the man who is bringing down the system. And this will also mean a great lot for us Germans, as this would mean he will no longer keep up such agents like Merkel but give Germany to the Germans – just to focus on “America first” and consolidate the US-position.

His victory over that incredibly criminal monster Hillary Clinton already has brought a severe panic to the system’s servants, so may it be, he will go on bringing them to their knees.

At the meeting of the EU-foreign ministers and war ministers at Brussels today, the clever Mr. Steinmeier, staunch friend of illegal regime-changes, headchopping jihadists and sociopathical Nazis, practiced in restraint. Ok, he aims to become Germany’s new president next year, hence he’s keeping his mouth shut and his thoughts hidden. Maybe he already regrets his silly anti-Trump stance from 5 days ago, fearing, a clear position could cost him his US-granted career. He wants to become president, he needs to practice diplomacy.

Some anlysts now state that the Trump-effect, that already makes al-Qaeda in Syria crying for Hillary, will be a major blow to the imperialist aims of Germany in the region. Well.. maybe. If Trump ends the help for the US-made ‘rebels’, Germany will have to decide wether it joins the US in withdrawing from the aggression against Syria. Alternatively it goes on gaining a greater role by going on to push its own agenda – whilst still being under Washington’s umbrella.

Obviously, Germany has aimed and worked hard on becoming a power to count on. Since 1991, starting with the destruction of Yugoslavia, when Germany played the role of the European amplifier to the US-aggression, and simultaneously achieved to gain own ground in the region that has been a sphere of German influence decades ago. The German approval to the separation of Kosovo from Serbia is a clear evidence for this agenda.
With the subservient support of the US-“war on terror” after 9-11, bringing German young military men to exotic resorts like Afghanistan, Lebanon, Mali, Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, Germany gained experience in successful military aggressions at the same time. The German involvement into the genocide and destruction of Syria is much deeper, much nastier and much older than the (vastly uninformed or MSM-manipulated) public does know. Right from the beginning of the war on Syria, labeled falsely as a ‘civil war’, Germany has been and still is a great supporter of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. This support, of course, will never be named properly what it is: an illegal act of terrorism against Syria and Iraq.

German media and politicians like to paint Al-Qaeda in Syria as moderate rebels whilst the same moderate rebels they feed in Syria are “terrorists” in Iraq and hence reason enough to bomb Syrian children and supply wepaons to all and sundry at the frontlines – except the regular armies of Iraq and Syria…

Of course, German politicians – like the bunch of crooks named above – tell the people that the same guys Germany allgedly is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Mali only in Syria – quelle surprise! – have qualified as our guys and thus are to be supported – for a humanitarian reason, of course. This is the same humanitarian reason that led to the humantarian bombing of Novi Sad, Belgrade,
Nis by the same German air force “Tornado”-jets which now aide the US-led bombing-campaign against civilians and state infrastructure in Syria.

German weapons and tons of ammunition are being sent to the lunatic headchoppers of Al-Qeada and ISIS via Wahhabistan (Saudi Arabia),
where the German arms-manufacturer “Heckler & Koch” (G3 and G36 assault rifle) has erected a production plant for the assembly of assault rifles – a friendly investment enabled by the German taxpayer.

Germany also supports the separatistic and racist Kurdish gangs of YPG in Syria and Peshmerga in Iraq. The Kurds are receiving sophisticated weapons such as the (radioactive) ‘MILAN’ anti-tank missile, some of which have mysteriously found their way to ISIS… Germany also gives military aid to the devastating bombing-campaign of the US-led “coalition” in Syria. Hence, Germany gained joint responsibilty for acts of terrorism and warcrimes – all covered by the impudent lie of an alleged “war against ISIS”.

As the world waits for Donald Trump to present the valid guidelines of his foreign policy, the German political elite appears to be deeply frustrated.

Whether or not this unwanted president will do what he said, the German government aka Zionist criminal terroristic gang will go on to achieve further influence in the strategically important regions of this world, especially the Middle East and Africa. Sooner or later, this will bring Germany into the fireline of the global players heading for resources and dominance, especially the USA (if it does not end the agenda of ‘worldwide full spectrum dominance’). Whether this rivalry for the last resources of this planet will lead to war, is in the hands of those whom We, The People bring into power.

I pretty much hope that the new president, once in office, will just laugh about the rubbish these minions do spew, and just writes down their names to a black list and then will have the guts (and the fun) to smash this worthless garbage like Merkel, von der Leyen, Steinmeier from the high position of power given by the people. For the sake of all mankind.


The author, born 1964, is a german historian and political scientist.


Sources: (09.11.2016)

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