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Syrian army regained control on Sunday over Kassab city in Latakia province western Syria on the border with Turkey, after intensive clashes with armed groups who had been able to control this city for more than two months from now.

Al souria channel so does Al Manar confirms that the attack on Kassab was fast, and in large forces non of what the armed terrorist groups would have expected.

Syrian military sources confirmed to Al-Manar TV that Syrian army took control at the beginning of the town of Samra and advanced towards Kassab in northern countryside of Latakia before taking over the city.

“Syrian army then dismantled mines and improvised explosives planted by the armed groups in Kassab,” the sources said.

They also confirmed that Syrian army and the national defense forces raised the Syrian flag atop Kassab’s municipality building, while army units were detecting the border crossing with Turkey to clear the area of foreign-backed terrorists.

The militants are said to have pulled back to their strongholds in the rural mountainous region of Jabal al-Akrad.

However, many of the SAA members and tv channels confirmed that Turkey had provided for the rebels  artillery fire but their efforts didn’t work due to the fast redrawof the armed groups to Jabal AL Akrad.

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