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Iraq United as One Against ISIL


Great Sunni Mufti issues a Fatwa of jihad against  the ISIL

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Kasibi, a prominent cleric and a Sunni Iraqi mufti called jihad against ISIL (Daesh) obligatory and said: The obligation of fighting against them, is not merely related to their measures in the recent days in Iraq and is not a new edict. 
They are allies of Israel and the Saudis and fight to weaken and defeat Islam.

However, and as we mentioned before also top Shiite Marjaas are calling for Jihad against the ISIL stating that whoever dies fighting for his country is a Martyr.

High Shiite scholars and Marjaa like Ayatollah sayid Al Sistani and Sayid Kamal al Haydari and Sayid Kazweneh and Sayid Ammar Al Hakim.

And after this call for jihad, thousands of Sunni and Shiite Iraqi volunteered to join the fight against the ISIL.

And now let us not forget that the Iraqi Army is from Shiite Sunni and Kurd And Christian members.

Sunni Clerics call for Jihad against ISIL

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  1. imtiaz hossain

    Labbik ya Rasool Allah. i am a sunni from pakistan. our country also face takfiri kharjees in the form of taliban. Kill them isli as pakistani army kill the dogs of hell in north waziristan. Allah o Akbar

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