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‘Kaman-22’ Iran’s Latest Advanced Reconnaissance Combat Drone

Iran Kaman-22 reconnaissance and strike drone

Kaman-22 is the latest addition to Iran’s home-made arsenal, it’s an advanced reconnaissance combat drone loaded with high specs.

Commander of the Iranian army’s air force, Brigadier General Aziz Nasir Zadeh, who introduced the Kaman-22 drone, said this giant plane is capable of carrying 300 kg of military equipment and combat ammunition. Zadeh explained: ‘Kaman-22 is equipped with combat and optical payloads for electronic warfare, and has been designed based on the operational requirements of the Air Force and is in the final stages of production.’

‘Kaman-22’ drone unveiled by the Iranian Air Force on Wednesday 24 February is the larger sister of ‘Kaman-12’ which weighed 450 kgs and could carry a payload of up to 100 kgs.

Kaman-22 is able to fly for 24 hours continuously at a range of 3000 km, and has sufficient capabilities to “discover, monitor, collect information and photograph distant targets, and carry a variety of smart ammunition, which gives it a high combat ability”, the Iranian commander added.

Ever since the United Nations Security Council imposed sanctions and a near-full embargo on Iran for its nuclear program, which all of the members of the UNSC have military nuclear programs and some of them used it against humans, Iran had to resort to its own resources and capabilities and build its own defense systems. Now Iran is near self-sufficiency in all military fields, it builds its own navy ships, drones, fighter jets, air defense systems, missiles, radar systems, and a number of other gears and equipment it needs to stand up to the world’s bullies.

Thanks to the Nobel Peace Laureate Obama who surprised Iran with the US’s first gift in the shape of a US advanced drone that violated Iran’s air space and was captured by the Iranians, Iranian experts reversed engineering the drone and accelerated their production using similar technologies and adding their own touch. Their capabilities in combating enemy drones were manifested in shooting down Trump’s gift, a $123 million (cost price) MQ-4C drone, the US’s most advanced ‘stealth’ drone.

In early January, the Iranian army held joint drone exercises for all its military units and organized a display of the most prominent achievements of the operational drone units of the 4 forces.

In the drill, the “Arch” suicide drone and the “Karrar” plane, which was equipped for the first time with an “Athrakhsh” air-to-air missile, were tested.

Kaman-22 will join a host of other Iranian drones like Shahed-129 and Mujaher-6, to play an important role in Iran’s defense and tactical military operations, especially being constantly threatened by the world’s violators of International Law, including nuclear programs who have a very dark and long record of committing war crimes all over the globe.

With foes like these Iran should be prepared for all sorts of evil, its foes and the hypocrite on the fence ‘friends’ need to swallow a sovereign country every couple of years to sustain their feeding habits on human souls.

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