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Jamil Kazzeem: Wildfire of War in Syria will Burn all Warmongers

Middle East (Source: CIA World Factbook)

Iran’s Ambassador to Baku: Syrian nation should decide about own fate.

While the senior member of Bahrain’s al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Jamil Kazzem, has warned the backers of a possible war against Syria that such a military strike on Damascus will have serious and dire consequences for the Middle East and even for the world, also another Iranian envoy, beside Iran’s Ambassador to Syria, spoke about the Syrian conflict and the stance of Iran in new statements.

But first, the serious warnings of the member of Bahrain’s al-Wefaq National Islamic Society in direction of the sides that support a possible airstrike and war against Syria. Jamil Kazzem, the senior member of the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society in Bahrain, said in his statements that any military attack on Syria will have dire consequences for the Middle East and even for the world.

He underlined his warning with the statement that a “wildfire of war in Syria will burn all the masterminds and supporters” behind the Syrian conflict.

Jamil Kazzem added in his new statements that there is no doubt about the situation that a foreign military intervention in Syria “will not be easy for its masterminds” and that the fire of such a war against Syria will “burn them (the backers behind the Syrian conflict) first” and then spread over the entire Middle East.

The senior member of Bahrain’s al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Jamil Kazzem, is certain that the allegations by several Western and Arab governments as well as by media agencies in the West and some Arab nations will not work this time in order to incite and launch a war against Syria.

The situation is a bit different compared to such allegations which ignited the war against Iraq in 2003. According to Jamil Kazzem from Bahrain, such claims by the West and some Arab states, which ignited war in Iraq 10 years ago, will not work with Syria to wage a war against this Arab nation.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Ambassador to Baku, Mr Pakayeen, also spoke about the stance of Iran in terms of the Syrian conflict. Mohsen Pakayeen said in Baku that the administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran supports a peaceful and political solution to the conflict and crisis in Syria and that the people of Syria should decide about their own fate.

Syria: Qassaa Terrorist Explosion
Syria: Qassaa Terrorist Explosion

Iran’s Ambassador to Baku stressed that the Syrian people should take their own decisions about their fate and this without any interference of foreign powers. Any meddling of foreign elements in the Syrian conflict is bad.

The Iranian envoy in Baku also said in his recent statements in terms of Syria that the UN Security Council (UNSC) should act and prevent another war because this is one of the important duties of the member states of the UN Security Council.

The Iranian administration still favours negotiations between the different sides of the Syrian conflict and the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran hopes for a political and peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria in order to create stability in the Middle-Eastern country.


  1. Bobby

    Why should people still be looking up to UNO and its institutions as the saviours of the world. the same elements there are bent on disintegrating the world and balkanising states. It is time nations just get out of this beast and prostitute!


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