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Israeli Regime Seizes West Bank with 1000s of New Settlements

Old city of Jerusalem

Israel will build innumerable new illegal settlements in West Bank.

According to new statements by officials of the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv, Israeli is going to build “1000s of new (illegal) settlement units” in the occupied West Bank and probably not only there.

The Israeli regime in Tel Aviv thus wilfully sabotages the new negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. However, this comes as no surprise. These new negotiations after a three year phase of silence between both sides were doomed to fail from its beginning, of course.

The Iranian officials as well as the former President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the ambassador in Damascus, Syria, were correct in their recent statements about this new round of negotiations between the Israeli regime and the Palestinian Authority.

The negotiations are doomed to fail and were doomed to fail. In addition, the new plans of further settlement units by the Israeli regime are wilfully sabotaging the negotiations and are a slap in the face for Barack Obama and others who still believed the Israeli regime would have good intentions and would be credible. They are not.

The Israeli regime in Tel Aviv has stated that it plans to build even more settlement units than it has been announced by the occupation regime at the beginning of this weeks. After the recent remarks by the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, who are just made to stage a position of public care for Palestine, this is the answer by the Israeli regime.

The new announced plans to build “thousands” of settlement units in the occupied West Bank is the answer to John Kerry and as stated, a slap in the face of Washington. However, the Israeli regime is capable of doing so without having to fear any following incisions. US Secretary of State John Kerry said that all Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian lands are “illegitimate” and he was correct, although the remarks by John Kerry were not honest by him, but just to maintain the show.

US Secretary of State Kerry said this statement that all Israeli settlement units on every occupied territory of Palestine are illegitimate on Tuesday. The answer by the Israeli regime came on Wednesday in person of the member of the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv, Uri Ariel.

The so-called Israeli Housing Minister Uri Ariel said on Wednesday, that the Israeli regime “will build thousands of homes in the coming year in Judaea-Samaria (West Bank)” and that no one has the right to dictate Israel what it is allowed to do or not allowed to do. The member of the Israeli regime further stated that “no one dictates” where Israel can build (illegal) settlement units.

The new plans of the regime in Tel Aviv sound like a complete seizure of the West Bank. The final occupation and capture of the rest of Palestine. While U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, just gabbles as usual. As every U.S. politician who is a member of the administration in Washington. Same applies for the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) – thus, for the so-called Western “community of values”.

Old city of Jerusalem
Old city of Jerusalem

As mentioned, the Israeli regime had already announced plans to construct nearly 1,200 new illegal settlement units on the occupied Palestinian lands on last weekend. These plans were already a sabotage of the new round of negotiations between the regime in Tel Aviv and the Palestinian Authority.

On Tuesday this week, the Israeli regime has finally approved the construction of further 942 illegal settlement units in the occupied eastern area of Jerusalem (al-Quds). How would you rate this when you would be from Palestinian origin?

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