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Israel Launches New Criminal Aggression; Bombs Tal al Harrah Again

Israel Bomb Syria - Syria News Archive

Israel has again breached international law in its criminal bombings of Syria. After midnight 24 July, the criminal aggressor bombed Tal al Harrah in Daraa countryside.

Material damages were reported.

Israel deliberately, under the US protection, shows its disregards to International Law and in specific to the United Nations, to its charter, and the Security Council and its resolutions, this latest aggression was committed while the United Nations Security Council was convening to discuss the ongoing ‘Situation in the Middle East’ which started with the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and been on the agenda ever since.

Bombing Syrian land from the occupied Golan shows how much the Zionist regime relies on the support and protection of the United States of America and its Gulfies sponsors, the superpower and super-rich.

The mini-US previously engaged in illicit aggression against al Harrah on 30 June and 12 June. On both those occasions, Syrian air defenses intercepted several of Israel’s missiles.

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