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Iranian IRGC Kills and Injures Israeli Mossad Agents in Erbil, Northern Iraq

Iranian IRGC Kills and Injures Israeli Mossad Agents in Erbil Northern Iraq الحرس الثوري اﻹيراني يقتل عدد من عملاء الموساد الاسرائيلي في هجوم صاروخي على اربيل كردستان العراق

The Iranian IRGC, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, carried out a targeted bombing against an Israeli Mossad center in the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan region, northern Iraq, the bombing caused material damage and killed and injured a number of the Israeli agents.

Locals in the city of Erbil and in its outskirts shared footages of the bombing as they managed to film on their phones and cameras showing some of the incoming missiles and the explosions:

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.

A statement issued by the IRGC later within the day said:

“Following the recent crimes of the fake Zionist regime and the previous announcement that the crimes and evils of this infamous regime will not go unanswered, the strategic center for conspiracy and evil of the Zionists was targeted by powerful and pinpoint missiles of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.


“Once again, we warn the criminal Zionist regime that the repetition of any evil will face harsh, decisive and destructive responses”*

The IRGC did not state the number of the missiles it fired at the Israeli center, multiple sources said it was 12 ballistic missiles fired from the Iranian territories, unnamed sources close to the IRGC are circulating that this bombing is related to previous Israeli sabotaging and terrorist attacks against military and technology targets within Iran out of this particular base and bases it manages in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, one of the targets, the sources referred to, was a drone manufacturing facility in the Iranian city of Kermanshah two months ago.

The IRGC statement and the sources close to the Corps did not mention the latest Israeli bombing of a Damascus suburb last week, on the 7th of March, targeting a factory and its surrounding which killed two Syrians, and later the IRGC issued a statement that two of its members were among the victims of the attack.

In its previous statement mourning its martyrs in the Israeli bombing of the Damascus suburb of last week, the IRGC vowed to avenge their killing, Syrian top officials including the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Faisal Mekdad also said that Syria will retaliate against the Israeli targeting of its capital and killing Syrian citizens.

Contrary to western mainstream media claims, aka Pentagon mouthpieces, the IRGC bombing did not target the US consulate in Erbil, as multiple sources confirmed.

Iran has repeatedly warned the Kurdish authorities of Kurdistan against allowing the Israeli Mossad to operate against Iran from within the Kurdistan territories, the Kurds, on their part, denied in the past that such Israeli Mossad facilities exist, we will be waiting to see whether they will be able to explain the nature of this facility in their regional capital?

The IRGC bombing of the Israeli Mossad facility carried also several messages to Israeli friends in the region that it will be targeting such Israeli spying and sabotaging centers in their own countries as it has already warned them in the past, and a message to the US forces and the US regime by carrying out the bombing at 1:20 am exactly on the day following the birthdate of their most revered General Qasem Soleimani who was killed in a cheap war crime drone attack ordered by Donald Trump at 1:20 am at Baghdad International Airport.

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  1. Greg Casey

    I ocngratulate the IRGC on their work in cleansing northern Iraq of the vermin from America Turkey and Israel who have infested the area ever since the Kurds took control of the region. It’s long past time that Arabs and Persians who live in the ancient Assyrian Homeland cleanse this region of the vermin who persist in flooding the area through the sewers,


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