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IDF ‘Soldier’ Smashed the Skull of a Palestinian Woman near Jerusalem

Reen Derbas - Isawiya Jersualem Palestine - Israel IDF

Mrs. Reena Derbas, a Palestinian woman had her skull broken by an IDF terrorist inside her house near occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Mrs. Derbas, 36 years old, of Isawiya town near Jerusalem, was trying to release her 14 years old child from an IDF force unit that stormed their house 1.5 months ago to kidnap the young child, Lebanese-based Al-Mayadeen reported.

One of the members of the heavily armed IDF unit beat the woman on her face with the back of his rifle, she fell to the ground unconscious.

Mrs. Derbas required significant facial and head surgery, including reconstruction of her nose, and cranioplasty to replace shattered pieces of her skull with synthetic bone substitute.

Israel’s official policy surpass that of the former apartheid regime in South Africa to much uglier levels, the armed and ‘well-trained’ soldiers have a high score in sniping children’ heads from distance. Kidnapping Palestinian children and traumatize them, in many times imprisoning them indefinitely is a common practice to push them to leave their land so more foreign imported settlers can be brought to replace them from all sides of the planet, ISIS’s short-lived ‘state’ was aiming at Israel for its role-model.

Another terrified 11 years-old Palestinian child kidnapped by a heavily armed unit of the disgraced Israeli IDF:

Young Palestinian paramedic Razan Najjar attending to wounded unarmed CIVILIANS participating in the protests near the world’s largest concentration camp Gaza borders with occupied Palestine (Israel):

Not to mention the air raids against the Palestinians killing entire families like its latest aggression against Gaza.

That’s the investment the US citizens invested with their hard-earned tax dollars sent to Israel since they couldn’t find any other thing to invest that money in.

Just for the records: Before the Zionist movement started shipping foreign settlers to Palestine, there was no terror in the entire region, it was introduced by the imported radical settlers who formed ISIS-type groups like Lehi, Irgun, Haganah, to name a few. Heads of these terrorist groups became later ‘leaders of Israel.’

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1 Comment

  1. Freespirit

    I am from a long line of IRISH Rebels and I can guarantee if that unfortunate woman was my Wife or Sister ( shes too young to be my mother) that COWARD whom this article calls a “soldier” would be DEAD within a week, but would suffer for the whole of that week.

    I don’t understand how Palestinians can put up with that.

    We Irish killed many British Invader/Occupiers Soldiers for less and we suffered worse than Palestinians, with over 5 million of our Brothers and Sisters murdered by the British but we protected our women

    YES, we finally won in 1949/59


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