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Syria: The Humanitarian Crisis in Sheik Maqsoud, Murder and Rape


The humanitarian crisis in Sheik Maqsoud started more acutely two days ago. When groups that were supposedly protecting the area abandoned it. The groups were Kurds, their leadership reached a deal with Turkey. So, they left their positions allowing FSA in. This doesn’t mean that all Kurds had abandoned Syria at its time of need, just some did.

FSA didn’t waste time, they started taking any who defied them earlier. It started with beheading of the Imam of AlHassan mosque, Sheik Hassan Seif Addin. They killed the pro-regime Imam, after he refused to call for Jihad. Later they beheaded him and hang the head from the minaret.

Today and yesterday reports of the atrocities committed against civilians in the area reached a nightmarish level. Just today FSA kidnapped a pro-regime activist, a correspondent for one Aleppo’s most read FB pages “Aleppo University Eagles” ( With this report comes horrific stories of the kidnap of many Christian girls in the area.

After the kidnap, FSA terrorists say Allah akbar three times on the victim. Then by their sick logic they rape the girls, thinking that it’s Halal. This method (Takbeering on stuff/people) was first used for looting, now it’s being used for rape, probably devised by their Wahhabi Sheiks.

The people of Sheik Maqsoud are fleeing the area, even on foot, to escape FSA terrorism. Violence is escalating as FSA keep flooding the area, preparing to take out AlMidan.

Video of people escaping from the Syrian Sheik Maqsoud:


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