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Hezbollah Guerrillas inside Syria Launch an Attack with Syrian Military on FSA Terrorists

Fierce clashes broke out on Saturday when Lebanese Hezbollah fighters in control of eight Syrian border Villages, launched an attack on three adjacent Villages held by Terrorists from the so-called ‘fsa”, with Syrian Helicopters firing rockets at Terrorist positions to support the advancing Hezbollah Forces, which included fighters recruited from the villages it controls.

Hezbollah Forces launched a ground assault and were supported by multiple rocket launchers besieging the Terrorists, who were forced to call for reinforcements in an attempt to repel the attack against the Villages they have hijacked of “Burhanieh”, “Abu Houri” and “Safarja”, which lie on smuggling routes for transporting Arms and equipment to Terrorists in Homs, with the border area near the town of “Qusair”, also becoming an important supply route for the Insurgents that are under siege by the Syrian Arab Army, in the central City of Homs.

Hezbollah Guerrillas, based in the Bekaa Valley on the other side of the border, took up position in the area last year, which made way for the Hezbollah-led operation designed to cut off the supply lines for Terrorists in Homs, who’s grip over “Brotherhood” neighbourhoods were weakened greatly by the Syrian Arab Army on the weekend, after seizing several districts following successful Military operations conducted, which combined with the Hezbollah attack is indicating that the Syrian Arab Army, is preparing a major offensive to purge Homs permanently from Armed Terrorists that have Slaughtered civilians, wreaked havoc and terrorised the City for months…JA

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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  1. urs1798

    Unfortunally transporting the "Hezbollah" – propaganda from the snackbar of UK and Israel.The mostly shia villages were attacked by FSA-militias. Maybe libanese people came and helped to defend the villages against FSA. Please search for the videos by Hussain Mortada.


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