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HESA Kowsar, Iranian Indigenous Fighter Jet Takes Off

Iran HESA Kowsar - Kosar fighter jet

HESA Kowsar (aka Kosar) is Iran’s first completely locally-built fighter jet, it was first announced in 2017 and inaugurated by Iranian President Hassan Rohani in August 2018.

The fighter jet is capable of carrying different types of weapons and to engage in different types of missions, mainly air-to-air and air-to-ground, very suitable in the modern warfare where the USA and its allies resort to herds of thousands of terrorists and resorting also to drones controlled from hundreds of miles far.

Whatever the capabilities of the Kowsar fighter jet are and whether it’s a match to any western or Russian or Chinese fighter jets of its category, the fact that Iran managed to manufacture a fighter jet while under international crippling sanctions is definitely a cause of pride for the Iranians and the Muslims, in general.

The video is also available on Bitchute.
Iran President Hassan Rohani inspects Kosar Fighter Jet August 2018
Iran President Hassan Rohani inspects Kosar Fighter Jet August 2018

Even the most advanced countries in the world work together to produce a fighter jet, assembling parts from different manufactures to reduce cost and share the technology, for sure nobody helped Iran reverse-engineer whatever it possessed and build upon it a complete fighter jet with an advanced radar and fitted weapons.

The USA and its western cronies and regional stooges are working hard now to renew the United Nations Security Council international sanctions against Iran due to expire this October 2020, five years after signing the JCPOA agreement as per its articles and which the USA withdrew itself from and which the USA under the regime of Barack Hussein Obama the very next day of signing the nuclear agreement imposed a new set of sanctions on Iran showing its ill intentions towards the agreement and international law.

Maybe it’s better for the Islamic Republic of Iran to remain under those sanctions and continue developing its own industries instead of sharing its achievements with other international parties? We saw how Trump is playing with his Erdogan buddy in the case of the F35 fighter jets production cooperation.

This last April and to the dismay of the Trump and Netanyahu embattled regimes of confusion, apartheid, and delusion, Iran launched its own military satellite called Noor (Light). The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps IRGC announced last week their satellite was able to take pictures of sensitive US and Israeli military sites.

Iranian Noor Military Satellite
Iranian Noor Military Satellite

We’ve all seen the capabilities of the Iranian missiles whether bombing ISIS sites in Deir Ezzor, Syria, and in Iraq, in retaliation to ISIS attacks inside Iran, or their astonishingly precise cross-borders missiles strike on the most fortified US military bases in Iraq earlier this year avenging the murder of their most revered top IRGC general Qassim Soleimani by the war criminal disconnected from reality Trump.

The missiles were so accurate they fried out dozens (108 by some reliable sources) Trump forces without harming the Iraqi forces in the adjacent hangars. You can ignore what Trump said that ‘everything is fine and nobody was harmed’, he established himself as the fastest liar among western politicians.

HESA Kowsar fighter jet, Noor military satellite, Som Kherdad air defense system, drones capturing, ballistic missiles, Iranian Navy seizing British oil tankers in retaliation of British piracy of an Iranian oil tanker, and that’s what we know and was made public. The Iranian people deserve a very long standing ovation.

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