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Give Us Childhood and Peace – The Syrian Children’s Dream

image - Ghina Bou Hamdan

Syrian Ghina Bou Hamdan performs before the committee of The Voice Kids, she cries and makes the world cry.

The Syrian young child of 9 years old Ghina Bou Hamdan joins the competition program The Voice – Kids with a song asking the world where is childhood and peace her peers didn’t live?

Give us childhood, give us peace, Ghina sings, cries when she reaches ‘Our sky is asking, it’s asking the days…’ and couldn’t sing: ‘Where is the beautiful sun and the flocks of pigeons?’.

Assisted by celebrity pan Arab pop star Nancy Ajram, one of the 3 judges in the committee, she completes the song. When Nancy asks her at the end of her audition: What did you feel when you cried? Ghina replies: “Joy”.

The song went viral on social media and terror-supporting groups opposing Syrian government tried to adopt the young coming star claiming she’s singing for them and were working their best to abuse this beautiful soul and her song until the Syrian Presidency released a video clip recorded in April 2015 of Ghina singing the same song before Syrian First Lady Asma Assad.


Original video with high resolution gone when YouTube deleted our channel with no proper justification.

It’s not enough they killed the childhood of a generation, they try to steal their future as well. These criminals despite being exposed for their relations with internationally condemned terror groups like ISIS, Nusra (al-Qaeda Levant, FSA..), they continue to grab any opportunity to back up their claims even by exposed lies; they really don’t have shame, let alone humanity.

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  1. RJ Georges

    God Bless the the People of Syria and may God DAMN those, to the eternal fires of hell, who have tried to destroy this blessed land.

    May those mercenaries that have been hired by corrupt and morally destitute leaders of the U.S., Europe and the depraved leadership of Turkey, KSA, Qatar and the Gulf countries who are funding them see their lands visited by the same atrocities they intended for Syrian and may each of these leaders be consigned to the fires of Hell for eternity.


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