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Germany: Syrian Refugee wants to enforce entry for his Family

Syrian Refugees

Germany, Munich: Syrian fugitive threatens with suicide.

The war of nerves around the Syrian family man and refugee, who has threatened with a suicide lasted until late into the night in the German city of Munich. The Syrian refugee was on a crane, 25 meters in height, but he was not in the cab of the crane, but on one of the crane arms and this completely without hedging in the district of Obersendling in Munich, Germany, last night.

Vertically down into the depths, about 25 metres – this could have been the possible sad outcome and also worst case of this attempted suicide or at least the threat of a suicide by the Syrian refugee. The father held himself at the crane arm and the linkage with his bare hands. He refused to come down from the crane, and he also threatened that he will jump into the deep.

He had submitted an application for asylum at the Bayernkaserne (barracks) in Munich on 31 July, where he also lives since then. The 31-year-old Syrian refugee had no consultation with the relevant authorities in Munich since then.

The Syrian fugitive and family man in Munich wants to bring his Syrian wife and the eight children to Germany. His wife and the children are currently in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. He wanted to enforce his alleged right with this dangerous action in Munich.

The hours-long negotiations between the police and the Syrian family father were unsuccessful in the Bavarian capital Munich last night.

The war of nerves lasted until late into the night. At 22:45 o`clock, five officials of the special task force (Spezialeinsatzkommandos / SEK – special response unit of the German state police forces) wanted to finally intervene with climbing equipment and to fetch the Syrian man from the crane and his dangerous position. However, they have stopped their attempt about an hour later. The outcome remained open through the night but it seems that the Syrian refugee has meanwhile left the crane.

There are differences between an application for asylum and a family reunification. The chances that this Syrian refugee will be allowed to stay in Germany are good.

95.1 percent of all asylum applications by Syrians in Germany were granted in the first half of this year, and thus, the majority of the asylum applications by Syrians in Germany (first half 2013) have ended positive for these Syrian refugees, according to the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

However, only about 2.4 percent of the 4127 Syrian asylum seekers have received the “Great Asylum” of the German Basic Law. 17.2 percent of Syrian asylum seekers were given the “little asylum” of the German Basic Law in the first half. This means in both cases (great asylum / small asylum) that their families abroad are allowed to catch up, and thus, the Syrian refugees in both cases can fetch their families. However, there are requirements.

The refugees must be able to prove a secure income and an ample living space.  However, 76.3 percent of the Syrian asylum seekers were only given a restraint of a deportation. This means that these Syrian refugees are not automatically allowed to fetch their families and to bring them to Germany, too. But the immigration authorities of the respective local municipalities in Germany are allowed to make a different decision in individual cases.

But the Syrian refugees need a lot of patience. An asylum procedure in Germany about a Syrian refugee takes about 4.6 months (on average). Whether this Syrian refugee from the crane will be allowed by a visa to fetch his family earlier from the Egyptian capital Cairo, remains to be seen.

According to the Bavarian refugee council, Syrians do not receive a visa currently, unless there is a person in Germany who will be financially liable for the Syrian family. However, this Syrian refugee from the crane is not able to be in a financially liable position for his family, because he is not allowed to work in Germany.

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  1. Arklight

    What a dumb stunt. The Germans will probably hand this guy off to UK, which takes in almost any freeloader, crazy or not. Kinda like the US, huh?

      • Arklight

        Yeah, I’ll bet! Say, MK, have you any info on the loss of the Minneqh military airfield? Another news service said that the SAA troops who had been holding out there had been evacuated prior to its capture by the guerillas. If it’s true, this is not good.


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