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fsas sharia committee torturing detainees

Sharia Committee

Sharia Committee

Photo is from a protest by “revolution” supporters against FSA’s theft and Sharia Committee, on 22/3/2013 in Bustan AlQaser – Aleppo. The banner says “To the Sharia Committee, is your torture of detainees mentioned in Hadith or Koran?!” The Sharia Committee was appointed by the FSA, who intend to turn Syria into an Islamic country.

Even FSA’s supporters can’t any longer tolerate the sadism of the Sharia courts…

Below, a girl addresses FSA “To whom it may concern, fighting is better than looting”

Being looted is no better than Shabiha

Even the few who fell prey to FSA lies are waking up to the truth, to the crimes and savagery committed daily by the “rebels” who claim to be Syrians’ protectors.

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