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FSA Trying to Force Syrians into Civil Disobedience


Early this morning, FSA opened fire on a bus in Harasta, Majed Abd Al-Rahman, a young man was killed by a shot to the head, and three were injured. Two days ago FSA took a bus on Tartous – Damascus road, kidnapped all the passengers. A few days ago, an elementary school was shelled by FSA in Damascus, a student was killed, and three of SANA’s workers were killed by shelling on the same day.

It may look like random acts of terror, but it’s anything but. Shelling residential areas or stealing Syrians’ food supply isn’t either. FSA is trying to pressure and force Syrians into civil disobedience. They wanna stop life, they’ve failed everything else by now.

Here’s what Haltham AlMalih, a well known Syrian opposition figure, tweeted right after the shelling on the Architecture college. He warned Damascus university students to join the revolution or to suffer the consequences. The same ones, Aleppo University students suffered. Aleppo university was attacked on 15/1/2013, 83 were killed & 164 were injured.


Photo of the students that were murdered on 28/3/2013 by the shelling on the Architecture college in Damascus:

murdered students

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