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France & Cuba: Rallies in Support of Syria

Rally in support of Syria. Paris / France. (Source: SANA)

A huge rally took place in the capital of France, Paris, in support of the Syrian government and Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus and another rally in support of Syria was carried out by many Syrian students in the capital of Cuba, Havana.

This rally took place at the Trocadero Square in Paris and the participants of this rally stressed their solidarity with the Syrian government as well as with the Syrian people and the national army of the secular Arab nation that is still fighting against the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists due to the implementation of the Salvador option on Syrian soil by foreign powers in order to wage their proxy war and to overthrow the Syrian administration and President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus.

Not to mention the support by Western and regional powers for the, shortly after the beginning of the foreign-sponsored terrorism in Syria, established Syrian Al Qaeda offshoot, the so-called Jabhat al Nusra / al-Nusra Front.

One might say, at least, that the armed infighting and battles between the Syrian Al Qaeda branch and the foreign-backed criminals and terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is currently increasing from day to day.

The participants of the rally on the Trocadero Square in the capital of France, Paris, took the streets in support of the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) while Syria is experiencing a ferocious and violent campaign targeting the Arab nation and its citizens for more than two years now.

Among the participants of this huge rally in Paris were people from France, Algeria, Tunisia, and from other Arab and European states. Of course, the Syrian community in Paris has also participated in this rally against the foreign-backed terrorism in Syria and in support of the Syrian state.

The National Union of Syrian Students in France have called for this rally in Paris, and it seems that this rally was a huge success and a good sign and event for the Syrian people within Syria, who are thus able to see a sign of support for them and the Syrian government abroad – and this even in one of the country that supports the terrorism against the secular Syrian government and army.

The participants of the rally in support of Syria and its national army and the Syrian people expressed their complete support of the last reforms that were implemented by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while they raised Syrian flags and chanted slogans in support of the Syrian people and country.

The participants of this pro-Syria rally in France (Paris) reject any form of meddling in internal affairs of Syria by foreign powers and they also reject the support with arms and military aid by Western governments for the terrorists and Islamists fighting in Syria against the secular government in the capital, Damascus.

Rally in support of Syria. Paris / France. (Source: SANA)
Rally in support of Syria. Paris / France. (Source: SANA)

According to statements, they particularly reject the Western interference, which has the aim to implement a new kind of colonialism in the Arab nation by the use of false facts, propaganda, and lies with the help of the subordinated Western media agencies.

Also in Cuba, the Syrian students went on the streets and they have again carried out a rally in support of Syria. The Syrian students in Havana, the capital of Cuba, rejected the terrorism and criminal acts of the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists in the Arab nation.

They showed their support for the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and hope that the Syrian army is able to soon defeat all the foreign-backed jihadists, terrorists, religious fanatics and Al Qaeda-linked thugs and uneducated waste and to finally clean the country of all this foreign-supported threats for every Syrian family in the Arab nation.

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  1. Arklight

    The French people understand that no nation upon the earth can afford colonialism; not in a modern world. The Chinese are (a whole lot) smarter with their program of ‘Conguest Through Purchase’, a world changing design that no one is paying any attention to. The Cubans still have among the population people who were engaged in military operations in many African countries, as well as in Central and South America; their successes were so limited as to be inconsequential, saving only that Cuban medical staff became the world’s foremost experts in the diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases. My hat’s off to those folks.

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