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EU Votes No to UK Request for Arms Supply to FSA in Syria

Syria: European Union Snubs the Terrorist, Sectarian and Seditious Plans of the UK


The United Kingdom faced a major setback when the European Union overwhelmingly rejected plans to funnel military arms to sectarian terrorists in Syria. Germany and over twenty other European nations rejected the demands of the British government. Despite this, the British Foreign Secretary tried to spin the final outcome because William Hague claimed to have achieved forward momentum. William Hague stated this despite nearly every European Union nation disagreeing with his desired terrorist rat lines.


It must be stated that the United Kingdom alongside other nations like America, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, were all responsible for arming international jihadists in the 1980s and early 1990s in Afghanistan. The United Kingdom also helped to create the “sectarian nightmare” of Iraq after joining the US led invasion of this nation. Following on from this, more than half the Christian population fled Iraq. Then the United Kingdom assisted America, France and international jihadists in Libya, whereby many Gaddafi loyalists and black Africans were massacred in the ensuing chaos which followed outside meddling. The upshot of the Libya debacle is yet another failed state like Afghanistan and Iraq whereby central power is very limited.


The government of the United Kingdom and the morals of William Hague are laid out  in the open because of the friendly relations with Saudi Arabia and other feudal monarchs in the Gulf. After all, in Saudi Arabia apostates to Christianity face the death penalty, no non-Muslim places of worship are allowed, old men can marry young girls of 8 and 9 years of age, women face being whipped if they don’t cover up from head to toe – and a host of other brutal realities. However, this doesn’t concern William Hague and the government based in London because their only concern it to sell more military arms in order to prop up “institutional Talibanization in Saudi Arabia.”

Images of minorities being beheaded in Syria, countless alliances between Al Qaeda factions of various different Islamist groups and the Free Syrian Army (FSA), car bombings, cleansing of religious minorities, killing journalists – and a host of other brutal realities – doesn’t hit the radar in the United Kingdom. Instead, the British government desires to side with the forces of sedition, sectarianism and terrorism.

In a twist of “unreality” and “ridiculous logic” the British government is worried about the rise of British jihadists going to Syria in order to kill religious minorities and cause mayhem. Yet, instead of supporting government forces in Syria which are fighting international jihadists and terrorists throughout this nation; William Hague refuses to pin the blame on Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, for supporting terrorism and sectarianism. Therefore, the United Kingdom wants to support “a mythical peace force” in Syria in order to further pressure  the Syrian government while this nation faces the daily threat of international terrorism.

The Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn stated that “With more arms, there are more killed, more atrocities.” Likewise, apart from France and Italy which sided with the British point of view – all the other European Union nations rejected the stance of William Hague. Indeed, even France is much more lukewarm now because of events in Mali. Given this reality, the view of the Luxembourg Foreign Minister was shared by Germany and more than 20 other European nations. This reality highlights how out of touch the British government is.

Guido Westerwelle, the German Foreign Minister, stated that Germany was against lifting the military arms embargo because “That would lead to a further escalation of violence and many more victims.”

The German media group Deutsche Welle reports that “The arms ban imposed by the EU, the US and other countries has been porous right from the start. Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in particular, are said to be supplying the rebels with money and arms. To what extent Turkey is also supporting the opposition is not clear, says Brzoska. Furthermore, Lebanese arms dealers are smuggling material into Syria. Brzoska also noted that secret supplies are channeled to the rebels from the West. “Already deliveries are coming from Western intelligence services, but not much is known about them.”


It is essential that a diplomatic solution is found because every day Syrians are being killed because of the meddling of outside nations. The situation needs to be contained by honest brokers and not by the threat of military force. Iraq and Lebanon are feeling the regional convulsions and Jordan is alarmed by Islamists at home. Similarly, many Tunisian jihadists are using the terrorist angle in order to crush secular forces at home – including killing a senior secular politician – while causing mayhem in Syria and Algeria. Therefore, it is essential that  the United Kingdom is sidelined and that nations sponsoring the carnage in Syria are forced to stop their brutal actions…JA

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– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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