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French Minister: Enemies of Syria perhaps also Enemies of France

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

French nationals fighting alongside Al-Qaeda in Syria are a possible threat for France.

The French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, said in new statements regarding Syria and the foreign nationals fighting alongside Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups and other extremist groups in the Arab country against the government of President al-Assad that these French nationals may turn into enemies of France when they return to France.

The Interior Minister of France also said in these statements from Thursday, that the number of French nationals fighting in Syria alongside the armed groups is worrying for the national security of France. Of course, the same applies for the national security of Russia, Chechen, Britain, Australia, Germany, Italy, and the United States, because there are also nationals of these countries already in Syria and fight alongside the radical groups against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in order to wage a strange jihad or to establish an Islamist state – or whatever.

And the mentioned countries are just examples. Recent reports said that over 50,000 foreign nationals are currently fighting alongside the extremist groups and “opposition forces” on Syrian soil.

Therefore, nationals from a lot of countries and it is to assume that the most among these foreign nationals fighting in Syria pose a more or less threat for the national security of their home country when they will return after the battles in Syria. Not to mention that a large number of them are certainly extremists of different kinds and have probably committed serious crimes in Syria.

According to the new statement by a Russian cleric some days ago, there are certain extremist groups in Russia who convince young people to travel to Syria in order to join the armed groups and to fight against the Syrian Army and the government of al-Assad in Damascus. The same has already happened in Belgium and recently also in Britain. It is therefore to assume that a similar recruiting practice by extremists is also happening in other European countries, but also in the United States as well as in Australia. Not to mention North Africa…

Manuel Valls, the French Interior Minister, has meanwhile stated that at least 130 French nationals or immigrants are already fighting in Syria alongside extremist groups in order to overthrow the Syrian government or to establish an Islamist state. The Minister from France expressed his concerns about the consequences when these extremists will return from Syria to France after the battles are over. Of course, the concerns of Manuel Valls are valid and understandable.

However, it would have been better if the government of France would have simply not supported these extremists from the beginning and immediately ends the support for the armed extremist groups in Syria. Not to mention that the administration in Paris should begin to tell its people the truth about Syria and probably also about Egypt and several other countries such as Libya, for example. But they won`t do it and this transforms the concerns of the French Interior Minister into hypocritically statements.

At least, the new statements by Manuel Valls give an insight about the number of French nationals who are already fighting in Syria in the ranks of extremists and Al-Qaeda-linked groups. The French Minister said that it is already known in France that hundreds of home-grown religious fanatics and militants were signing up in order to join the battles in Syria.

He warned about the possible consequences for the national security of France when these extremists will return from Syria. The French Interior Minister stated in a radio interview with Inter Radio that more than 300 nationals from France are either already fighting in Syria or are known to have the intention to travel to Syria and to join the ranks of extremist groups in order to fight against the government in Damascus. The Minister also said that some of these extremists have already returned from the battles in Syria.

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists
Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

And again, the most of the extremist globetrotters were young people. According to Valls, young people with “a delinquent past who had become radicalized.” Or they were successfully indoctrinated by the local extremist groups, e.g. in Paris. It`s sadly often easy to indoctrinate such young people with misguided religious crap. The French Minister has warned afterwards in his interview that France has to be “extremely attentive” in regards of the home comer from Syria because “they represent a potential danger when they return.”

While it is known that at least one national from France has been killed in Syria since the beginning of the armed terrorism in the Arab country, it is to assume that the estimated number of unknown cases is already higher.

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