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Divine Revenge was Fast: 680 Turkish Shops Burnt to the Ground

yangin turkish bazaar on fire

You Reap What You Sow

Don’t get us wrong or think we’re happy to see the lifetime earnings of 680 Ankara’s merchants go in flames, but we kept warning Turkish fanatic Muslim Brotherhood government that its practices would not go unpunished, they didn’t listen and God intervened.

680 shops in Turkey’s large bazaar called Yunus Emre Halk Çarşısı in Ankara’s Altındağ district burnt to the ground as their owners stared at the raging fire that swallowed their only income with tearful eyes’. Erdogan’s propaganda outlet Today Zaman reported.

The fire destroyed the shops and goods inside and since Turkish government would try to blame ‘sabotage’ for the fire instead of its own evil deeds, as it sold its soul to the Zionists as once described by Erdoğan’s own mentor late Necmettin Erbakan: ‘Erdoğan and Gül are tools in the hands of Zionism’ then he died.

Aleppo’s historic prominent bazaar in flames after Erdogan thugs burn it:  

Aleppo Bazaars
Aleppo Bazaars – ‘democratized’ by FSA

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  1. Bill the Butcher

    This is a genuinely ridiculous thing to say. Even supposing such a beast as "god" exists, if it's really exacting divine retribution, why doesn't it target the terrorsit training camps or Erdogan's official residence? Why would it vent its wrath on merchants, of whom – just going by the law of averages – at least a fair number have to have been pro-Syria, anti-jihadist, or both?Going by this twisted logic, one might argue Hugo Chavez died of cancer because "god" was angry at the rich capitalist Venezuelan traitor class.


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