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Displaced Syrians Returning from Refugee Camps in Jordan

Displaced Syrians Returning from Refugee Camps in Jordan

Displaced Syrians in refugee camps in Jordan continue to return to their country through Nassib - Jaber border crossing after their towns and villages were cleaned from the US-sponsored terrorists..

Yesterday’s batch of returning families was mostly of women and children which arrived at noon time to Nassib border crossing on the Syrian side of the borders with Jordan.

Syrian authorities at the crossing rushed to provide basic services for the refugees and arranged for buses and trucks to return them to their respective towns and villages with their belongings.

One of the returned refugees Mr. Talal Juma is from Rigga city, the town that the US and its ‘coalition’ obliterated from life and claimed it liberated it, Mr. Juma spoke to SANA: ‘Today is like a dream coming true, it’s been 7 long years and now thanks to the heroes of the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies safety and security is being restored to our country and our return was possible’.

Mr. Juma called on all displaced Syrians abroad to pack and return to their country, he added: ‘There’s nothing that would preserve your dignity other than your home country.’

Mr. Ahmad Abu from Souran town in Hama countryside also called on his fellow Syrians displaced abroad to return to their country, he spent 5 years in Jordan away from home and almost felt life had no more meaning for him.

Earlier this month, on 4th of April, another batch of 150 displaced Syrians returned from al-Azraq refugee camp in Jordan through Nassib – Jaber border crossing and received the same assistance and services from the authorities including medical check-ups, ambulance, buses and trucks to carry them to their towns and villages with their belongings.

Following video report by SANA and interviews with some of the returning refugees:

Video transcript in English:

A new batch of displaced Syrians returned today from refugee camps in Jordan through Nassib – Jaber Border Crossing on their way to return to their towns and villages which were liberated from terror.

Smelling my nation’s breeze is alone enough, in God’s will safety and security will prevail and they’ll return, it’s enough.

We will rebuild the country and remain one hand shoulder by shoulder

Is there anything more wonderful than returning to our homeland? To our families? All should return to their country, after your country, there’s nothing of value.

If you go around the whole world you won’t find like your homeland.

We wanted to return to our homeland since a long while, but thanks God now safety and security is restored in our country

Our beloved Syria, there’s nothing like its soil, nothing like it anywhere else.

The person’s dignity is in his home country.

End of video transcript.

Syrian Refugees Returning from Jordan through Nassib Border Crossing
Syrian Refugees Returning Home – Archive (December 2018)

Colonel Mazen Ghandour, chief of Nassib Immigration Center, stated to SANA that 18,500 displaced Syrians have returned to their country through the crossing since it was cleaned from terror and reopened in October last year.

Colonel Ghandour added: ‘The authorities are always available to provide instant support and all needed services to the returning refugees and arrange their safe return to their respective towns and villages.’

Syrians are returning to their country despite the hardships caused by the ever-increasing unprecedented sanctions by the USA and its cronies, what the US and its evil camp couldn’t achieve in their War Of Terror they waged against Syria over more than 8 years, they will not achieve by any sort of sanctions.

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