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Damascus Countryside Battle Update – Syria

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Damascus Countryside – Military Source – Activists

Information coming from the battlefield in Damascus Countryside confirms that the plan put by the SAA, Syrian Arab Army, to eliminate the terrorist groups is on course and as planned, after inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorist groups spreading in different areas of the countryside.

It is one of the main features of the SAA not to publicize its movements or its achievements and prefer to work without the media glare, been like that since it was established in 1946. Information gathered is either by local residents, the terrorist groups themselves especially when they cry for help and authorized officers from the bravest army speaking on condition of anonymity.

Battles in the tensest countryside to the north of the capital Damascus has recorded at least 2,500 terminated terrorists within the last 3 days alone, mainly near Adra Balad & Tal Kurdi mountainous towns.

It started when herds of terrorists counted in thousands attacked simultaneously a number of sites in Adra Industrial Complex. SAA units located in the area and assigned the task to protect the highly important industrial complex managed not only to defend the sites but also in a smart tactical maneuver cornered the attacking terrorists and delivered a huge blow to their support lines near Maydaa.

A military source from the battlefield speaking to Fars News Agency stated that Maydaa area is the terrorists’ new logistic, gathering and support base. Terrorists fleeing their lost battles in Jobar, Douma, Harasta, Zamalka and other areas in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Countryside, joined forces in Maydaa planning to attack and destroy the industrial complex thus depriving Damascus residents of all sorts of essentials for their daily lives including cooking gas and fuel. Their misfortune is the watching eyes of the SAA intelligence units giving SAA’s command in the region precise coordinates and rendering hundreds of them very peaceful, forever, on hourly bases. Estimates of 8,000 Wahhabi Sex Jihadists in total gathered in the area.

Damascuc Countryside
Part of Damascus Countryside

Once the battle of Adra is over and the connecting line between Tal Kurdi, Maydaa & Adra is cut, the SAA will move to cleanse the infested areas around Douma, the biggest city in Damascus Countryside. However, the military source confirms that SAA is in no hurry to finish Adra battle to allow more terrorists to join their friends there in order to save more dense residential areas from falling in cross fire.

Darayya to the south of Damascus is seeing slow improvement in cleansing it, huge networks of tunnels discovered and tens of terrorists were exterminated when moving through it. Again, SAA is in no hurry to finish Darayya’s battle as well, being a location open to many routes through the desert and Daraa, in the south of Syria near Jordanian borders.

Activists in Douma and Harasta, the two cities in Damascus countryside talk about less severe battles near these cities, the number of killed terrorists reaching 240 within the past 2 days only.

Worth noting that all foreign terrorists killed in the battlefield are being burnt to conceal their real identities and they make the majority of terrorists fighting the Syrian people and their Syrian Army.

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  1. A friend from Greece

    Once more, even as an atheist, I find myself praying for these brave soldiers who know that no quarter will be given for them if captured. They're fighting not for Assad, but for everyone of us who has a longing for civilisation.


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