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Conflict in Syria Costs More Lives by Terrorism and Violence

Bomb attack in Damascus

Syrian crisis taking 5,000 lives a month, according to the United Nations.

The UN assistant secretary general for human rights, Ivan Simonovic, said in a new official statement from yesterday about the conflict and proxy war in Syria that the conflict is taking about 5,000 lives per month and that there is a drastic deterioration of the conflict taking place.

This deterioration of the battles and conflict in Syria is one the one hand sure the reason for the increase of the amount of death and injured people within Syria, but on the other hand, it is certain that the delivery of weapons, ammunition and other kinds of so-called military aid by foreign powers into the hands of the FSA (Free Syrian Army) terrorists and also to the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda is another reason for the drastic deterioration of the conflict within the Arab nation.

Not to mention that without the beginning of the implementation of the proxy war, the Salvador option and the support of radical strangers and jihadists in Syria by the US administration in Washington, the Erdogan regime in Turkey and the Zionists of the Israeli regime, there would be no conflict within the borders of Syria. In addition, several officials of the so-called United Nations (UN) are very certain not only informed about the plans to overthrow the secular government of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the capital Damascus, but also involved in this new kind of imperialism by foreign powers.

Of course, European states are also involved in this conflict and have already supported the armed terrorists and jihadist within Syria – for example, France, Britain and Germany. Thus, they have blood on their hands, too.

According to the UN assistant secretary general for human rights, Ivan Simonovic, about five thousand people a month are dying in Syria because of the “drastic deterioration of the conflict”, but he has not mentioned further details – are the eliminated foreign-backed terrorists included? What about the killed Syrian soldiers, the killed security forces, and the Syrian civilians that are tortured, massacred, raped, and killed by the foreign-backed groups of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) as well as by several groups of the Syrian Al Qaeda offshoot?

Bomb attack in Damascus
Bomb attack in Damascus (archive)

Ivan Simonovic, the UN assistant secretary general for human rights, made this statement during a briefing of the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) yesterday. To be honest, when somebody is responsible for a category such as human rights, he should not really support terrorism or a proxy war in a sovereign country. It is not specifically about Mr Simonovic, but in general about such an organisation like the United Nations and there is no reason to doubt that such a huge organisation has no clue about the truth, what is happening in Syria and what sides are involved, behind the curtains of propaganda and lies.

Of course, Ivan Simonovic, the UN assistant secretary general for human rights, is correct when he said that “serious human rights violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity are the rule” in Syria nowadays because this is sadly very true. Ivan Simonovic has only forget to name the perpetrators. At least, the reports about the recent statements did not mention that Mr Simonovic also spoke about which sides are responsible for the human rights violations in Syria nowadays.

The foreign-backed terrorists and militants from several countries in the region, and even from the United States, Australia and Europe, have been crossing into Syria to fight against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad in the capital, Damascus.

These religious fanatics and groups of terrorists are contributing to an international effort to destabilize the secular Arab nation and are also responsible for the serious increase of violence and terrorism since the beginning of the proxy war and terror in Syria, March 2011.

In addition, some international (so-called) human rights organizations, while one cannot trust HRW (human rights watch) and ai (amnesty international), because both are infiltrated organisations, already said many times that the foreign-backed terrorists and the Syrian Al Qaeda branch (such as the “Al Nusra Front”) have committed war crimes and massacres within Syrian borders.

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