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Boycott the Formula 1 Race in Bahrain

Protest in Bahrain

One should really boycott the Formula 1 Race in Bahrain – Due to many reasons. As it is often noted, there are good and bad dictatorships nowadays. Bahrain is a good dictatorship, whose regime is allowed to imprison, torture their citizens and may also kill them.

The West allows the crimes in Bahrain and does nothing against it. Why? Because the despots there are our allies there and they are doing what we want. (Not to mention the huge US military base in Bahrain.)

Thus, for example, they allow the deployment of the 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy as a threat against Iran. They also financially support the terrorists who have invaded Syria and rage there. In addition, the criminal sheikh owns many European and American group shares as investor.

In order to improve the poor image of the Bahraini regime, they have lately paid over 30 million dollars to so-called PR companies, which are showing positive images about Bahrain at all levels since then. The propaganda channel CNN is completely bought by the Bahraini regime and publishes only praises about the dictatorship.

In terms of the positive propaganda about Bahrain, the human rights abusers over there pay a whole bunch of journalists and celebrities so that these dollar whores make positive publicity for Bahrain. A huge exception is the honourable former CNN journalist Amber Lyon.

A bad example for such money-whores from the ranks of the so-called celebrities is, as usual, Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian was in Bahrain and used Twitter to tell all the people how great Bahrain is. She wrote, for example, that Bahrain “is one of the most beautiful places in the world” and that she “would like to ASAP move to there”.

Kim Kardashian in Bahrain
Kim Kardashian in Bahrain

The camel is sweet, isn’t it? I speak about the camel in the background.

An even more money-horny whore is the Formula 1 promoter Bernard Charles „Bernie“ Ecclestone (Bennie Ekelstein) – he gets paid handsomely by the criminal sheiks for the Formula One – race at the weekend. For a sufficiently high payment, they forget about the human rights and begin to make public relation (PR) for a dictatorship.

At least, not all have forgotten the human rights abuses and supported crimes and terrorism by the Bahraini regime. For example, the Anonymous movement, sadly partly infiltrated by the CIA, have urged the Bahraini regime in uncertain terms: “Cancel your blood race now!”. But also some MPs from the UK demanded the outage of the Formula 1 race in Bahrain in a letter.

Bahraini regime surpresses own Arab Spring

The protests for its own “Arab Spring” are bloodily suppressed in Bahrain since years – with the help of Saudi forces. Dissidents, who are calling for more democratic right, are arbitrarily arrested and tortured – sometimes with a deadly outcome.

Doctors, who are treating the injured protesters, are also a subject of the reprisals; they are fetched by the Bahraini forces from the hospitals and are imprisoned. The Western governments and the racing world do not care about all this – as long as the money is ok.

Amnesty International (ai), sadly infiltrated by US propagandists since some years, has condemned the crackdown on protests in the run of the Formula One race in Bahrain. In a statement on Wednesday the deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa, Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, said the following:

“The authorities are trying to use the Grand Prix as a platform to show progress with the claim that the human rights situation has improved, while increasing repression to ensure nothing interferes with their public image.”

Khalil al Marzooq, a representative of the main opposition groups, says that the tensions continue and that a dialogue to reach a solution does not take place in Bahrain.

“The (Bahraini) government wants the world to believe that the situation is normal. Bahrain is not normal. The only normal is the repression.”

If it needs a further example to demonstrate the hypocrisy and double standards of the West in terms of the implementations of human rights, then Bahrain is the best example besides the totalitarian dictatorship, human rights abusers and terrorist supporters of Saudi Arabia.

These vicious and criminal dictatorships are being courted by Western governments to do business with them and the West provides those dictatorships tons of weapons. The despots think that they can easily cover up their crimes with their petrodollars and that they are able to buy everybody and everything.

Protest in Bahrain
Protest in Bahrain

At least, not all. Because an female employee of the Formula 1 team Williams does not want to travel to the face to Bahrain, she was fired by Williams – the reason? Refusal to work. This woman deserves a lot of respect and there should be more people like her who have a conscience and who do boycott the race in Bahrain.

Nabeel Rajab, vice-president of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, said, “We do a campaign that the drivers and the Formula 1 teams boycott the race. The Formula 1 will help the government to say that all is normal there. We hope that they do not participate. I’m sure, the drivers and teams respect human rights”.

Well, one can hope at least. The world champion Sebastian Vettel has no big concerns about the subject and for him, this subject is totally overrated. Vettel stated that he “thinks it will be ok there” and that “a lot of trouble about it is beefed-up” and that he “has no problem to go there”. Another person who prostitutes himself for money.


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