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Attacks against Kurdish SDF Terrorists Kill 3, Injure More in Northern Syria

Explosion targets Kurdish SDF terrorists in Hasakah - Northern Syria انفجار عبوة ناسفة في حي الغويران بالحسكة

A strong explosion sound was heard in most of the city of Hasakah, locals reported it was a targeting of a motorbike of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in the city, initial reports spoke of two injuries at the site of the explosion.

This latest targeting in the past hour of the Kurdish SDF vehicle near the Al Noor Pharmacy in the neighborhood of Ghweiran in the northern Syrian city of Hasakah comes one day after a similar attack targeted a military vehicle of the same terrorists near the Al Omar oil field in the nearby Deir Ezzor province.

Yesterday’s attack was carried out by the Syrian Resistance units operating in the region targeting the Kurdish SDF terrorists’ vehicle on the road leading to Syria’s largest oil field occupied by Biden forces and their Kurdish lackeys, it resulted in the killing of three of the terrorist, at least, and destroying the vehicle they were in.

Today’s attack seems to be different than that of yesterday’s in which the Syrian Resistance units used machine guns to hunt down the terrorists guarding the US oil thieves, an explosion of an IED (Improvised Explosion Device – or a roadside bomb) targeting the motorbike.

The Kurdish factions working for NATO invaders are trying to carve large parts of northern Syria, the regions rich with oil, wheat, and water, and establish another mini-Israel there to expand the de-facto region they carved out of Iraq with the help of the USA and Britain late last century.

All four neighboring countries where the Kurds plot their land theft from, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, oppose the establishment of an ethnic or religious entity despite the Turks mainly enabling this when it was only confined within Iraq and Syria but seems now they’re feeling the tensions, the Kurds comprise about one/third of the Turkish population, unlike in Syria where they barely comprise of 5% of the population scattered all over the country. Kurdish sources try to inflate the number of the Kurds to about 10% of the population, which defies logic, and most of the Syrian Kurds in addition to despising their brethren traitors working for NATO and Israel, do not have any separatist agendas and are very much engaged within the Syrian community and Syrian political life.

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