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New Round of anti Syria Propaganda Can’t Make up its Mind


The new round of anti Syria propaganda just cannot make up its mind on which version of lies might do the most damage.  NATO msm is amenable to working with both, even if they appear to be mutually exclusive.

On 26 June, the Trump regime White House emitted the kafkaesque statement that the US had “identified  potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack…[emphases added].”  Journalists did not ask for an explanation into how a “potential” might be ID’d, nor did they show any interest in what it might possibly be. Instead, they ran with multiple bylines on the US new threats against Syria, were pleased to report that the UK immediately said they would help in further war crimes against Syria.

Two days later, when Secretary of State Rex “Dr. Strangelove” Tillerson announced that Syria had taken the threat seriously and halted the potential thingy, msm dutifully reported, as they did when Ambassador Nikki “Joseph Goebbels” Haley subsequently called upon the criminal OPCW to blame Syria for fake chemical weapons attack that did not occur in Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April.  This should not be difficult for the chemical weapons fake watch dog gang, which had no problem admitting that its fake verification of GB use came via eye of newt and toe of frog evidence brought to them in Turkey, by al Nusra terrorists.  Certainly, one could not expect these inspectors to have accepted the offer of Syria to actually investigate, as the terrorists do not have a good track record for guaranteeing safety (Qatar’s guarantee in the civilian hostages exchange for terrorists resulted in the al Rashidin slaughter.  Most of the upwards of 130 martyrs were women and children).


Reports of 1 July, that the US has signed an agreement with the US to allow the US to maintain its illegal base in Syria, have mostly remained unnoticed by the msm. The New York Times did run a slightly related, and quite kafkaesque report about “Trump’s policies” being “a test” in “a desperate Syrian city.” NYT  brazenly included this photo, and acted as though it were the most normal thing in the world for a foreign entity to be illegally in another country, training “security forces.”

American terrorists training other terrorists, in Syria

This photo, of American foreign invaders in Syria certainly explains Trump’s 27 January passionate approval of Erdoganstan invasion and occupation of Jarabulus; Trump was looking forward to not draining the swamp, but toward acceleration of Obama’s breaches of international law against the SAR (what American patriot would support foreign invaders occupying Philadelphia, or NY, or California?).

Also 1 July, UK’s The Independent ran an uncharacteristic article, Thousands of Syrian Refugees Returning to Unsafe Country amid Lack of International Support.  This report included statistics that 260,000 Syrians have returned from Erdoganstan since 2015, and that in the first 6 months of this year, 31,000 Syrians have returned from neighboring countries, and 440,000 internally displaced persons have returned to their original towns.

The Independent let some cats out of the bag

Though its subheading — “UN warns that ‘conditions for refugees to return safely are not in place”’ — and its quotes from UNHCR spokesman Andrej Mahecic suggest the intention of the post was to scare off other Syrians planning to return home, it could not completely hide the fact the returns are mostly to Aleppo, Homs, and Damascus (countryside) — regions freed from the foreign backed terrorists since December.

UNHCR believes conditions for refugees to return in safety and dignity are not yet in place in Syria…the sustainability of security improvements in many return areas is uncertain, and there remains significant risks of protection thresholds for voluntary safe and dignified returns not being met in parts of the country. — Andrej Mahecic

This warning is quite ominous, and does seem misplaced, coming at a time when many people of the US and EU are concerned over the absorption of refugees.  His use of the word “dignity” also seems as out of place as when de Mistura used it, when he lying-ly offered his body as a human shield, to help takfiri leave Aleppo with their weapons…and dignity. 

If Mahecic and UNHCR were truly concerned for the well being of Syrians returning home, would it not make more sense to suggest that UN member states halt their draconian sanctions against Syria, and halt the arming of terrorists in that country?  Or, is the UNHCR concerned that Syrians are returning home because their country is winning this horrific war, and has not been reduced to secretions of a new Sykes-Picot (desired by the P3 mafioso clique the runs the UN)?

On this same 1 July, the terrorist FSA is trying to get back into the limelight, tweeting that the Syrian Arab Army had dumped some inefficient weapons grade chlorine on them, in Ain Tarma, near eastern Ghouta.  Though the original moderate savages — who self-procreated into countless takfiri gangs — these violent criminals lately have been ignored by msm, replaced with the US merc militia HSD, and with ISIS.

Top: Members of the Syrian Arab Army. Bottom: Members of the FSA, early days in Idlib
Nidal Jannoud, an early recipient of the gifts of the FSA Arab Spring, sliced to death 21 April 2011
FSA Commander Cannibal Abu Sakkar carved out heart of murdered Syrian soldier

Reuters gave the FSA no respect; in reporting on the chlorine lies, this wire service instead gave ‘credit’ for this propaganda to Fallaq al Rahman:

FSA can’t get no respect

Disturbed by the dis‘, the FSA shared a graphics showing the names of various terrorist sub-gangs flying under the flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria — apparently flummoxed, also, as these gangs are in Hama governate, not Damascus countryside.


SANA immediately denied the FSA criminal propaganda

The sudden resurrection of chlorine as weapon in anti Syria propaganda may be the result of recent reports by Seymour Hersh, and former US Marine/UN weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, rebutting the ridiculous GB hoax of Khan Sheikhoun.  Though GB had already been meticulously demonstrated as completely fraudulent, by several investigative journalists, Hersh’s report brought a geopolitical perspective from someone with a history of integrity, and Ritter’s — Trump’s Sarin Claims Built on Lie —   from someone with professional knowledge of WMDs.

There may also be a more nefarious intention — if so, surely Haley will scream it, on Monday.

Pre-emptively, SyriaNews reminds our readers that chlorine has essential, civilian uses, in keeping water potable, in sewage and industrial waste management.  As such, it is not considered part of a chemical weapons arsenal, to be destroyed upon a country joining the OPCW.  The result of Iraq being forced to turn over its chlorine facilities to the UN was genocide; many of the 500,000 children who died as a result of the draconian sanctions, died  from preventable water borne diseases.

UPDATE:  NATO media has decided to run with the fraudulent news of the “chlorine attack” in Ain Tarma.  As in the Khan Sheikhoun hoax, msm accepts the words of terrorists as magical proof.  At this time, only one 40 second, low quality video has been produced.  We share and dissect screengrabs from the terrorists’ supplied fake evidence.

Here, we see the ‘reporter,’ with the almost mandatory unibrow, and with a Canon strap around his neck, suggesting an expensive camera hanging from it.  While he sounds breathless, there is no sense of mayhem in the fake emergency room.  A man passing looks as though he wears a gun holster.  It is noteworthy that US neo-lib msm never concerns itself with the weapons held by terrorists in Syria, despite massive concerns about gun problems in the US.


As the reporter of criminal lies against Syria moves across the floor, note the fake patient on the stretcher; his arm is dependent, hanging.  This is never permitted, as such dependency puts an already at risk patient further at risk, for blood clots, for nerve injury.  It takes a nanosecond to lift the arm to a self, neutral, position. No health care professional would ignore it.

Patient neglected in fake emergency setting

Here we have the fake health care professional.  He walks to the fake patient, and pushes down on the non-rebreather oxygen mask.  In the video, the mask appears to be on properly, and so there is no reason to touch it, except to bring attention to it.  The fake health care professional does not count the patient’s respirations, which would be primary in a patient stricken with a suffocant, such as chlorine (fake patient’s respiratory rate was regular). Fake health care professional did not check his heart rate, another imperative.

Actor pays more attention to the camera than to the patient.

Fake nurse begins to turn again to the camera. Note that he wears scrubs, as idiotic evidence that he’s a professional. Note what is missing:  A stethoscope. Despite the stethoscope being the most essential tool for first responders, they are always absent in these situations ($23 million from the CIA, and the terrorist White Helmets still cannot afford a single one to share).  A stethoscope will tell the health care provider what conditions the patient’s lungs are in, if they are filling up with fluid.  A stethoscope can diagnose cardiac rhythms, also life and death in emergency health care.

No stethoscope

In this screengrab, we also see that the fake health care worker does not wear a watch.  A watch is needed to count the respiratory, and cardiac rates.  The other fake patient’s arm remains in the dependent position.


The video was supplied by WorldOnAlert, obviously a supporter of terrorist lies against the Syrian Arab Republic, as the caption offers the lies as a given — despite no watch, despite no stethoscope, despite the dependent arm.

Though this writer never heard of this Twitter account, is seems the reverse is not true; blocked, once again:

Another account pimping criminal lies against Syria

Based on previous behavior, Strangelove Haley will be demanding more criminal actions be taken by the UN, against Syria, on Monday.

—  Miri Wood, RNc

Related readings, hyperlinked, and an important press briefing by H.E. al Jaafari, from April 2013:

History of chemical weapons and poison threats, and chemical weapons deployment against Syria.

Chronology of chemical weapons threats, deployment, and reports from msm (and lack thereof).

SyriaNews has previously used the basic standards of universal health care to demonstrate fake news used to demonize Syria. In September, we crushed the al Khanzeera propaganda piece in Aleppo.  We dissected the videos and photos provided by al Nusra in Khan Sheikhoun — via CNN — in real time, 4 April. We further examined and explained the criminal propaganda against Syria from Nusra, on 16 May, also exposing how the bodies of Syrians murdered by terrorists were desecrated, posed, in sado-erotic, dramatic, pornography.

The GB hoax was originally launched from Jerusalem, in an effort to sabotage Syria’s request for an investigation into the chemical attack on Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013.



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