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Adra Survivor Speaks


An eye witness and a survivor of Adra AlOmalyeh massacres tells her story:

After learning that “rebels” entered Adra, we hurried to the main road but the Palestinian Liberation Front ordered us back cause they were fighting them.

We returned to a relatives’ house in island 8, half an hour later the “rebels” arrived.

The rest of the building residents called us to go to the basement and there we gathered.

Suddenly the Jihadists entered, all of them were foreigners, their leader was a man called Abu Qutayba. They took my sister’s son & they beat him up after checking his id. They said he was Ismaeli cause his family’s name is Ismael. They tied his hands & took him, we heard nothing of him later.

Three days later we were moved to another basement. After we ran out of food, Um Alaa who is originally from Hawran went out to bring food, endangering her own life so the kids won’t starve. The cold weather and fear almost killed us, at each Jihadists’ visit we feared the worst.

Our neighbor left the basement to bring water, he was injured by the shelling. First the Jihadists took care of him, even took him to a hospital. But when they learned what his sect is, the leader slaughtered him.

One of the Jihadists gave a child, a young girl, a piece of chocolate and asked her if she liked AlNusra Front. The girl returned the chocolate, saying that no she doesn’t like them, they’re killing us.

In the first few days, whenever the Syrian Arab Army tried to enter, the Jihadists would throw women and children from the top floors in front of the army.

Jihadists dug a big grave for their victims. Executions were performed there, at the edge, later the bodies were thrown with the rest.

Jihadists made Mrs. Um Ali stand in front of the building stairs, they beheaded her two sons, Ali and Suleiman, while she watched. Then the “rebels” gave her the heads. They dragged her son’s wife to what used to be the police station, later they’ve let her go.

In the street there was a body of a man, the head was missing. His body was eaten by dogs, only his bones, little meat & shoes were left.

Twenty days later we left the basement, we wanted our freedom or death and the comfort that comes with it. The “Jihadists” literally told us “Go to Bashar and his army will kill you.”

We were exhausted, cold and hungry. Seeing the Syrian Arab Army and the help they offered us restored our spirits.

Now we’re homeless, poor and afraid of the future.

Photo was taken and posted by the proud Jihadists.
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