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a cotton gin was torched by fsa

After failing to rob the Customs’ car pound, FSA torched the nearby AlMunshary Cotton gin.

The famous Syrian cotton, like Syrian wheat or oil, had been under constant attack by #FSA. Just last month FSA had looted the biggest cotton gin in the Mideast, it was in Deir Ezzor. The equipment & tons of cotton were taken to be sold in Turkey. The gin had costed Syria around 6 billion Syrian pound.

(Photo of another cotton gin that was torched by FSA in Aleppo, last year)


– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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  1. Matt Askaripour

    Wow, all of this is so insane, and so much of the world (especially America) doesn't know about any of this. Thank you for sharing. Have you heard about Syrians turning bombs into bicycles and flower pots? It's a nice story (one of the few): .


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