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Zionist Intelligence Chief: 170,000 Rockets Targeting Israel



Zionist entity: head of the Zionist intelligence service Afif Kokhafi The head of the Zionist intelligence service Afif Kokhafi stated Thursday that the rockets threat is the most dangerous one the entity is facing, noting that there exist 170 thousand rockets projected towards the so-called ‘Israel’.

Kokhafi pointed out that major threats against his entity’s security are represented by “the Iranian nuclear program, the cyber war and ‘the global Jihad,” adding that about 30 thousand members of the “global jihad” are fighting in Syria at the moment, along with hundreds other active in Lebanon, in the Sinai Peninsula and other places in the region.

He also stated that activities carried out by the Egyptian army in the Sinai have reduced smuggling weapons into the Gaza Strip, which prompted organizations active in the strip to produce rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons.

Kokhafi also turned to the cyber warfare, saying that several Zionist websites, including tens owned by security services, have been attacked hundreds of times over the last year, claiming that Zionist authorities managed to foil most of them.

Zionist entity: air force commander, Amir EshelEarlier, the Zionist air force commander, Amir Eshel, said Wednesday that thousands of Hezbollah bases – the Lebanese party of Resistance – are threatening the Zionist entity, which requires dealing with the matter by the logic of force to ensure security.

“We will have to deal strongly with thousands of Hezbollah bases that threaten the state of Israel and its internal regions,” Eshel stated, pointing out that the capital Beirut, the Bekaa Valley and southern Lebanon are among the targeted sites.

“Hezbollah fighters sometimes occupy full floors in residential buildings… This is where the war will take place. This is where we will have to fight to stop Hezbollah and defeat it. Whom who remains in these bases will get hurt and risk his life. Whom who get out of them will survive,” Eshel warned.

Since the 2006 July war on Lebanon, the Zionist entity has spared no chance to violate the Lebanese sovereignty in flagrant breaching of the UN resolution 1701, and its leaders do not hesitate to threaten the Lebanese people between now and then.

to be continued ….

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