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The West Misuses Syria’s Displacement Crisis – James Jatras

A political commentator tells Press TV that the Western states, which are supporting and sponsoring foreign militants fighting against Syria’s government, do not care about the plight of the displaced Syrians in camps inside neighboring countries and only use the issue for ‘propaganda purposes’.Jordanian security forces have fired teargas to disperse Syrian refugees protesting poor living and health conditions at a camp in northern Jordan. The Jordanian police claimed that seven aid workers were injured when they were attacked by dozens of angry refugees with sticks and stones while distributing bread for breakfast in the Zaatari camp on Tuesday. The police further claimed that the clashes started after the Syrian refugees, who were frustrated because cold winds had swept away their tents and torrential rains had flooded muddy streets, tried to attack the storehouse of a charity center, which was distributing aid. Frequent protests over poor living conditions have occurred at the Zaatari camp since it opened in July last year.

Press TV has conducted an interview with James Jatras, former US Senate Foreign Policy analyst in Washington, to further talk over the issue.

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