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US Owned Terrorist Kills Syrian Pilot with US MANPAD


On 26 December, another US owned terrorist murdered another Syrian soldier, defending his homeland within its borders, from foreign terrorists.  Syrian Arab Air Force pilot Bassam Ghassan was shot down while on a mission against al Nusra savages in Hama countryside. At this writing, little is known of the life of the Syrian martyr.

Syria Map

Syrian Arab Army hero Ghassan was cowardly shot down by the US MANPAD gift.

As always, the US owned takfiri videoed this atrocity, too.

In May, terrorist Maghaweer al Thawra thanked the US for the gifts of 20 trucks, TOWs, and assorted surface-to-air killing bombs.

Though its leader did not mention new ISIS recruit Trump, by name, he said these weapons would be used to slaughter SAA soldiers in Deir Ezzor.  Deir Ezzor is a city that had been under takfiri occupation, but was recently liberated.  The death toll of Syrian heroes in this liberation, included the martyrdom of legendary defender of Deir Ezzor, Gen. Issam Zahreddine (unlike US military heads, who lead by giving Dr. Strangelove speeches for the television viewing audience, Syrian military leaders actually lead their troops, on the front lines of battle).

Takfiri savage carried manpad and extra missile, thanks to US. Archive, May 2017

The Free Idleb/Idlib/Edlib Army claimed responsibility for Ghassan’s murder.  This is a new terrorist tentacle of al Qaeda dumped into the Syrian Arab Republic, and will be made part of the skank campaign to Save Idlib Terrorists recently unveiled in 18 December The Guardian anti-Syria propaganda piece.

Yesterday’s US gift to the Syrian people came as the SAA “established control over Tal al Aswad” and an “abandoned battalion in southeastern countryside of Idleb”:

SANA’s reporter said that army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, carried out special military operations against the gatherings of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, regaining control over Tal al-Aswad and the abandoned battalion near al-Msheirfeh village, southeast of Idleb, and restoring fire control over Um Hartein village in Hama countryside.

The operations ended up with the killing a number of al-Nusra terrorists, injuring many others and destroying their fortifications as the army’s engineering units dismantled mines and IEDs.

The reporter indicated that the army units also launched intensive strikes against the lines of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in southeastern countryside of Idleb, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists’ ranks and equipment in Tel Mardeikh, Saraqeb, Um Hartein , Abu Dali.

Earlier, army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, engaged in violent clashes with Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups on the direction of Abu Dali village in the southern countryside of Idleb province in coincidence with carrying out concentrated bombardments against terrorists’ positions in the surrounding of Abu Dali and al-Mshairfeh.

SANA reporter in Hama province said that the clash left a number of terrorists killed or injured, as their hideouts and positions were destroyed.

The reporter added that the army units carried out concentrated operations on the directions and lines of movements of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the villages of Sinjar, al-Zafr, al-Khowein, Tal Amara, Tal Mardikh and Kafer Omaim, destroying their vehicles and killing scores of them.

Large groups of al-Nusra terrorists fled away from the villages Qbeibat Abu al-Huda and Ras al-Ein in northeastern countryside of Hama due to the army’s operations.

Despite US arming and funding, Jabhat al Nusra remains on the US terrorist list.   Americans might want to keep this in mind, as the US expands its recruitment campaign, via tv ads, and meetings around the country.

US military recruitment party in Phoenix, 17 December 2017.

Are Americans really so gullible they are prepared to send their sons and daughters to lose life and limb fighting the same terrorists armed and funded by the US?

Martyr Bassam Ghassan gave his life doing what Syrians have been doing for 7 years:  Fighting terrorists on behalf all of humanity.

الرحمة للشهداء

Miri Wood


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