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Twenty One New COVID 19 Cases in Syria Today, One More Death

Coronavirus COVID 19 cases in Syria stats - Syria News

The Syrian Ministry of Health stated that the number of COVID 19 positive cases in Syria has reached 738 cases in total.

21 new cases were discovered today, and one patient died while positive with the COVID 19 virus, the Syrian Ministry of Health added in its statement.

The number of cases per province yesterday 29 July 2020 was as follows:

ProvinceTotal NumberActiveRecoveredDeaths
Damascus Countryside16478833
Statistics of the number of COVID 19 cases in Syria – 29 July 2020 – Syrian Ministry of Health

The Syrian Ministry of Health warned the public to take all necessary precautions as advised in its awareness campaigns adding that it does not have the capabilities to carry out wide tests for the virus in the different provinces due to the US and EU economic sanctions imposed on the country, therefore.

The diplomatic missions of the United States of America and its cronies of the NATO alliance at the United Nations Security Council campaigned viciously earlier this month to open ‘humanitarian corridors’ for al-Qaeda terrorists in their last stronghold in Idlib and campaigned much more aggressively in the same resolution not to include a call to ease the sanctions imposed on the healthcare sector in Syria to enable the country better handling of the pandemic, a norm in the double-faced hypocrite humanitarian guise the NATO alliance use as a cover for their continuous crimes against the Syrian people for the past 9.5 years.

Instead of easing the economic sanctions that block the Syrian banking system access to international markets which in turn prevent the ministry of health from buying essential medicine and equipment, the United States imposed its Caesar Act regime of unprecedented sanctions against Syria last month in what Trump calls his ‘maximum pressure policy’ to change the behavior of people in sovereign countries to accept the US hegemony. Similarly, the hapless EU countries cowered to the US pressure and renewed their regime of sanctions on the Syrian people one more year earlier last month.

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  1. crisscross767

    “Bernard is right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” — Louis Pasteur’s deathbed words

    Alcyon Pleiades 94: Pasteur fraud. Synthetic DNA vaccine. Quantum tattoo, chip. Luciferase. Cyborg

    Since vaccines were first developed by Louis Pasteur, we have been led to believe that microorganisms and pathogenic germs are the cause of disease and, under this banner, vaccines and antibiotics began being commercialised, along with all kinds of dangerous chemical pharmaceuticals. Despite this fact, scientists of the day, such as Dr Claude Bernard, discovered that these theories were erroneous and sounded the alarm about the danger of vaccines, whilst emphasising the importance of nutrition and the immune system in achieving good health… Although evidence suggests that vaccines have failed to prevent disease, the manipulation of statistical data and propaganda has successfully convinced most people that they protect the human body from illness and death.

    Those funding vaccinations include foundations established by the likes of the Rockefellers, Bill and Melinda Gates, Ford and the Rothschild Group – all of which are united by a common thread: de-population… Any number of physicians, expert scientists and immunologists have shown that vaccines are not only unnecessary when it comes to maintaining good health, they can produce genetic alterations, tumours and disease, in addition to increasing the incidence of asthma, ADD, neurological disorders, autism, autoimmune diseases and even death. They have provided evidence of vaccines’ toxicity and exposed the presence of heavy metals, DNA fragments from aborted human foetuses and other harmful substances. What can be said of experimental anti-Covid-19 vaccines made with synthetic DNA that have never been tested on humans before? And what about luciferase – which they want to include as an ingredient – or the use of quantum microneedles, microchips of sorts, aimed at control?

    Could we be talking about a vaccine that is not really a vaccine at all? Is it terminal hardware implanted inside the body in order to change our physical structure, transforming it into a hard disk capable of receiving a software programme and connecting to the Cloud, thereby transforming us into cyborg-robots or transhumans? Who is behind all of this?


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