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Turkey: Turkish Police arrested over 30 anti-Erdogan-protesters in Istanbul

Turkey (Image from Archiv)

The Turkish police arrested 30 anti-Erdogan-protesters in Istanbul city today and this is just the next arrest in the still continued demonstrations and protest of the Turkish people that demand the resignation and departure of the Turkish Prime Minister Recept Tayyip Erdogan and there are probably many Syrians in Syria who even demand the arrest of the Turkish Prime Minister and not only his departure due to the terrorism against the Syrian people.

This terrorism and the foreign-backed militants and religious fanatics are still heavily supported by the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and his party in Turkey.

The anti-government protests in Syria`s neighbouring country Turkey are still continued and demand the departure of the Turkish Prime Minister Recept Tayyip Erdogan. There are also staged pro-government protests in several big cities of Turkey and thus, there were already some clashes between both sides. But an important thing about the anti-government protests in Turkey, carried out by more and more Turkish people, is the reaction of the Turkish police forces under the orders of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and his party. The Turkish police acts like regime forces in their crackdowns of these anti-government protest by the people.

According to the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet”, the police forces in Istanbul have launched several raids against alleged participants of such anti-government / anti-Erdogan-protests in Istanbul city. Alleged over 100 houses in Istanbul were raided by the Turkish police and the result was the arrest of more than 30 people on the charges of participating in the protests against the “government”. One might call it already a regime after reading about such “charges” against demonstrators in Istanbul.

The anti-government protests started over a month ago in Turkey, especially at the Gezi Park in the city as well as at the Taksim Square. Then, the protests extended and reached other Turkish cities, including the big cities of the country.

Turkey (Image from Archiv)
Turkey (Image from Archiv)

Among the people who were arrested on the charges that they have participated in peaceful protests against the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and its ruling party in Turkey was the head of the Turkish Youth Union and some other members of this Youth Union in Turkey, according to the report by the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet”. The newspaper noted that the Turkish police used the charges of involvement in violent acts against members of the Turkish police and against owners of shops during the anti-government protests but these charges are certainly staged.

As mentioned already, the Turkish government and police forces have mainly used a very violent response to the first peaceful protests against the party of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. The protesters demanded the abandonment of the plan to demolish the nice Gezi Park in the city first but finally, the most protesters are now demanding the departure of the Turkish Prime Minister, also due to the violent response by the Turkish authorities to the protests in the country.

According to Turkish newspapers, already millions of Turkish people have so far participated in all the protests in the country, while the Turkish police and security forces (regime forces?) responded to these peaceful protests with rubber bullets, water cannons, tear gas, and other means to disperse the demonstrators – the result were so far several deaths and over hundreds of injured due to the violent response of the Turkish authorities and their “ground forces”, which should, in a normal world, support and work for and with the Turkish people and not against them or even injure them.

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