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they send us to die just like sheep previous fighter in free army militia

Abu Mahmoud presents himself to French Press Agency as a fugitive military of Free Army militia, who has led an armed group and carried out a battles against Syrian Arab Army.

He explains that “he has witnessed closely the armed militia’s act specially the acts of their leaders, who are enriched by despicable, while they are sending us to die as sheep just to assure that they are all foreign-back militants”.

He describes their acts as “banditry, looting and killing in the name of the revolution, what made him to desert them and work as sheep grazer”

The agency says that “Abu Mahmoud is living in the North of Syria, was belonging to Free Army militia, but now a days he describes this army as thief and false, and he expresses his regretness and pain for what the armed gangs are doing under the name of Islam assuring that Islam is not like that.

Abu Mahmoud ends his speech questioning “why do we fight and for who we are dying? … Is it for our country or for those who steal the Syrian? .. I did not find an honest group or battalion that suits me … Islam that they presents is not the Islam that I know.”

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