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the deputy pm denies ignoring al khateeb initiative

February 8, 2013  1:25 PM  

The Syrian Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Qadri Jamil has denied the rumors that talk about Syrian government ignoring to the initiative that was suggested by the chairman of the Opposition National coalition Muaz al-Khateeb claiming that “it is the last who has ignored the initiative of the previous government”.

Jamil has declared in an interview with the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar that ” If al-Khateeb’s initiative corresponds with the government’ s initiative, without accepting the outside interference for example, Syrian State will be open to all the possible initiatives for the solution without preconditions”.

In the concern of the conditions that is suggested by the initiative, Jamil says that “al-Khateeb conditions are not impossible for the Syrian government specially when the minister of the National Reconciliation Ali Haidar has respond on al-Khateeb’ condition asking him to send the list of the arrested persons that he wants him to be released, but not committed a crime.

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