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Terrorists from Syria fire Mortars at Lebanese Town

Protest against FSA in Homs

While many Syrians in Lebanon hold a demonstration in support of Syria and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the Lebanese city of Sidon, a group of armed militants from Syria fired several mortars at another town in Lebanon.

These foreign-backed militants in Syria, partly jihadists, Islamists and for sure many uneducated thugs from all round the globe and especially from other Arab countries have fired several mortars at the Lebanese town of Hermel which is located near the Lebanese border to Syria. According to the state news agency of Lebanon, the Lebanese National News Agency (NNA), four mortars have hit the city centre of Hermel, which is about 100 kilometers northeast of the Lebanese capital Beirut.

It is no surprise that these armed militants in Syria have again targeted a Lebanese border town. As reported by the Lebanese state news agency on Sunday, one of the mortars has even hit the Imam Sadr Educational Foundation in Hermel. Another rocket has almost hit the Public Hospital of Hermel which is located at the eastern entrance of this Lebanese town.

According to the report by the Lebanese state news agency and other media agencies, the so-called al-Nusra Front in Syria, which is nothing else than al-Qaeda, has already threatened to continue the shelling of Lebanese border towns. The jihadist terrorist group, still partly backed by foreign governments although its absolutely schizophrenic, has threatened Lebanese citizens and towns near the border to Syria with the following statement:

As of Monday, May 13, we will continue shelling Hermel and surrounding villages with rockets and tank shells. (Source)

On April 19, Lebanon had already planned to file a complaint with the Qatari-led Arab League (AL) over a deadly attack by armed militants and thugs in Syria on the Lebanese soil. While the Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour stated that the security situation in Lebanon was deteriorating due to the ongoing turmail at its border region with Syria, it is on the one hand clear that the security situation in parts of Lebanon was already bad before and is, to say it like this, home-made, while on the other hand, it was already to forsee that the so-called Arab League (AL), a hypocritical bunch of alleged Arab leading countries, would not do much about the threat by these armed jihadists and militants in Syria and e.g. in the North of Lebanon or in Jordan at its border to Syria.

At least, the Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour was speaking the truth when he said the following about the armed “opposition” groups in Syria, while nobody can anymore make differences between them. They are armed radicals, religious fanatics and foreign-backed terrorists in order to carry out massacres, terrorist attacks and to overspread Syria with blood and chaos. False flag acts, violations of international law, human rights and anything one better does not imagine if he has a soft soul.
The Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said the following:

The armed [Syrian] opposition has adopted this attack, and has pledged more such attacks in the future. So, we are notifying the Arab League with this as it should take full responsibility over the issue.

Beside the attack with mortars at this Lebanese border town with Syria by the armed thugs and Islamists in Syria, hundreds of Syrian people in Lebanon have performed a Pro-Syria and Pro-Assad demonstration in the city of Sidon on Sunday.

All the “Pro-Syria” protesters in the city of Sidon have chanted slogans for the Syrian President, Syria and the Syrian people, too. But these Syrian people in Lebanon also chanted slogans in favor of the Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, of course.

While the Pro-Syrian protesters have left no doubts that they know the truth about the awful role of the Erdogan regime in Turkey. They shouted slogans against the Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is doing everything for his masterminds in the United States and Israel, while he hosts terrorists on Turkish soil – terrorists who are also a threat for the honest Turkish people.

It is no surprise at all that more and more people in Turkey see the true colors about the bad games of Erdogan and it is just a question of time – at least, for the criminal traitor to the Turkish and Syrian people – Erdogan. Some day, he will have to take the responsibility for all his crimes against his own Turkish people and against the Syrian people. Not to mention the Kurdish people, of course.

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