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terrorist confesses to taking part in destroying hospital

Feb 23, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Terrorist Abdelhadi Mohammad al-Khalif confessed to taking part in destroying the National Hospital in al-Qseir, Homs countryside, along with a terrorist group by detonating explosive devices planted in a tunnel they dug under the hospital, claiming the lives of a number of hospital workers and nurses.

In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Saturday, al-Khalif said that he joined a group led by Mohannad Ghannoum who came from Baba Amro area along with 25 gunmen fully armed with machineguns, launchers and equipment.

He said that Ghannoum, aka Abu Bakr, planned the tunneling under the hospital, and they dug a 300 meter tunnel from the home of a man from the Harba family, and upon reaching the area beneath the hospitals they tunneled in three different directions.

Al-Khalif said that after they finished digging, another group came and planted explosives in the tunnels then detonated them in time with an armed attack on the hospital.

He also confessed to committing acts of abductions, including the abduction and torture of 15 people from the town of al-Aqrabiya, and the abduction of 5 people from the village of al-Ghassanye who were transported to the home of one Firas al-Akari where they slit the throat of one of the abductees.
Al-Khalif said that they also abducted two people from the village of al-Hamidiye and stole two large cars, adding that they received weapons and funds from a man named Dabbah Ghannoum and his two sons who got them from Lebanon.

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