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Syria’s Assad Issues General Amnesty

image-Bashar Al Assad

On the eve of the Syrian Independence Day, the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad issues a general amnesty to all crimes committed before today 16 April 2013.

The amnesty, the 6th within the past 2 years during the existing bloody crisis Syria is going through, is yet another effort by the Syrian president to allow more of the misguided and those involved in riots to get back to their normal lives and secure their own futures instead of continuing in a criminal path that leads to further deaths and destruction in their own country.

President of Syria Bashar Al Assad
President of Syria Bashar Al Assad

Syria has been witnessing an unprecedented foreign intervention since March 2011 disguised under ‘public uprising’ in the infamous Arab Spring wave that saw the remove of secular governments in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen and replacing them with Western backed anti-Islamic Islamist fanatic and radical puppet regimes, leading to deterioration in freedoms and rights and the largest damages to the economies of the targeted countries. Some in the west brainwashed by the intensified mainstream propaganda still think it was a public uprising to earn more rights!

The Arab Spring chapter in Syria, described once by former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice as ‘Creative Chaos’ has caused the deaths of 70,000 civilians so far by disputed and discredited UN figures, the displacement of millions of Syrians internally and across the borders, the systematic destruction of the once self-efficient economy of Syria before the current crisis.

Presidential decree number 23 today has reduced considerably the punishment of crimes related to the crisis, replacing the death sentence with life in prison with hard labor, lifetime prison with 20 years in prison, quarter of the punishment taken off for lesser crimes, and the amnesty didn’t include crimes in drugs and weapons smuggling crimes are exempted from the amnesty and drugs smuggling in Syria carries the capital punishment due to its dangerous effects on the society and the addicts.

The decree gives 30 days to who wants to benefit from it to hand themselves in to the nearest authority.

And as usual, western officials immediately jumped to criticize the decree as an attempt by the Syrian ‘regime’ to extend its life time, as they still consider its days are numbered, for the past 25 months, and her majesty’s minister of supporting terrorists William Hague responded with the UK’s decision to supply Al-Qaeda fighting Syrian state with armored vehicles! US officials meanwhile are busy wondering how to make use of the Boston bombing in favor of some evil plan from their shelves. Worth noting that the first amnesty issued by president Assad immediately had the US secretary of state then Hillary Clinton urge her terrorists not to drop their weapons.

Despite the anger widely sensed among the public through monitoring certain social media sites and Syrians commenting on the decree negatively asking to punish the terrorists severely for their crimes instead of offering them any reduce in their punishments they earned, some of the active activists saw in it a step in the victory declaration by the Syrian leadership over the plot to destroy their country as who issues an amnesty is the victorious party always, especially when seen accompanied with decisive achievements by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorist groups throughout the country.

This is one more test for those willing to correct their path and those insist on their crimes, like decapitating and grilling their opponents for instance and proves for one more time that Syrian leaders demonized by their western foes are much more tolerant to their own citizens than those foes in the west like when the UK prime minister Cameron locked 2 young men in prison for four years each for a Facebook status update calling for a protest that never happened during London’s protests he called London Riots..!

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